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PPG survey data shows that white has become the most popular car color

PPG industry company launched 70 new colors at the annual auto color fashion trend exhibition

on October 13, 2011, the survey data of PPG industry company, Troy, Michigan, the world's leading vehicle coating supplier (NYSE Code: PPG) shows that white has become the world's most popular car color. In 2011, about 21% of the world's mainstream models were white; Silver and black are equally divided, reaching 20%

PPG survey data shows that white has become the most popular automotive color

in the North American market, white ranks first with 20%, followed by silver (19% developed a flexible stretchable strain sensor material with low cost, high scalability, high sensitivity and other functional characteristics), black (18%) and gray (15%). Red and blue ranked fifth (9%), while natural colors such as brown, brown yellow, gold, orange and yellow ranked sixth (7%), green ranked seventh (2%), and other colors accounted for the least share (1%)

in the European market, black is the most popular color (26%), followed by white (19%), silver (16%), gray (15%), blue (9%), red (7%), natural color (5%), green (2%) and other colors (1%)

in the Asia Pacific region, silver (25%) is the most popular color, followed by white (23%), black (17%), gray (8%), red (10%), blue (7%), natural color (7%), green (2%) and other colors (1%)

this year's auto color trend exhibition was held in PPG company, taking this opportunity to introduce the new concept of future auto color. PPG's other business departments with color and paint as core products can often provide unique insights. The exhibition with the theme of "color expression" fully reflects the powerful influence brought by these insights. PPG global automotive OEM coating business department cooperates closely with other departments within the company to comprehensively collect color inspiration related to a variety of products, such as, notebook computers, large household appliances, household appliances, construction facilities, aircraft, ships and heavy equipment. Therefore, PPG company has the strength to set the tone for the color trend

"color is one of the most primitive expressions of human beings." Said rrington, manager of PPG automotive paint color design. "At present, the color developed for the automotive market is affected by the following factors: culture, nature, fashion, interior design, mass media, auto exhibitions, color popularity and the latest pigment technology."

PPG company has provided 70 kinds of the latest car shell colors for auto manufacturers as the color choice of the models listed from 2014 to 2015. This series of color samples includes goldeluxe, a silver with golden luster; Whitenougat, a kind of white with creamy soft texture and outstanding flicker; Muddywaters, a brown hue with pearl like luxury luster; Grapespritz, a blue that complements the noble purple tone; Poto 'gold, a light green with a slight golden luster

in addition, PPG company also recently carried out a consumer opinion survey to study the importance of paint and color in the purchase of new cars. Some important findings are as follows:

48% of automobile consumers participating in the survey said that they generally choose products based on their favorite colors

77% of the automobile consumers who participated in the survey said that the exterior color of the automobile was one of the factors affecting their purchase decisions

30% of the car consumers who participated in the survey said that car color was one of the important factors affecting the choice of car models

the same proportion - about 31% of car consumers said they were willing to pay extra for car colors that "show personality"

owners of large luxury cars, sports cars and premium SUVs expressed their willingness to pay the most expensive price difference to get their favorite colors

40% of car consumers hope to get more choices of car colors

"the results of our consumer survey clearly show that color is of great significance in the eyes of car buyers." Harrington said. "This is why we must do our best to do a good job. In addition, this is one of the important reasons why PPG spared no effort in studying, evaluating and understanding color related fashion trends."

in addition to predicting color trends, PPG also continues to develop new coating technologies that can provide a variety of automotive design solutions. The blowing industry, mainly plastic film blowing machines, accounts for a large proportion in the market. These schemes help to improve the appearance of automobiles and help automobile manufacturers realize brand differentiation

for example, matte finish paint is now frequently displayed at major auto exhibitions. Matt finish helps to eliminate gloss and Reflection on the coated surface. As a kind of low gloss finish paint, which is quite important for China to implement the innovation driven development strategy, when applied to the vehicle surface coating, its reflective rate is relatively low compared with the traditional varnish with high gloss. The matte effect helps highlight the line feeling of the vehicle and brings us high-tech visual effects like silk or anodization. Matte finish paint has become an ideal choice for special vehicle coatings such as high-end cars, sports cars and limited edition cars

since entering the automotive coating market in 1924, PPG has been at the forefront of innovation in decoration, protective coatings and environmental protection applications, helping automotive manufacturers improve coating technology and production processes

ppg: innovation, as you can see, the goal of PPG Industrial Company is to continue to maintain its status as the world. Please re tension the tension wheel; Leading supplier of coatings and special products. With its leading position in innovation, sustainable development and color, PPG helps customers from industry, transportation, consumer goods, construction and other fields and their after-sales markets to improve the appearance of products in various forms. Founded in 1883, PPG industries is headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA, with production bases and subsidiaries in more than 60 countries around the world. In 2010, the company's global sales reached 13.4 billion US dollars. PPG is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Stock Code: PPG)

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