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PPG: penetrate into the independent brand and explore the agricultural vehicle market at a low level

if the layout of the Chinese market is the horizontal development of PPG, then penetrate into the independent brand and explore the agricultural vehicle market at a low level is the vertical development. Obviously, PPG has won periodic victories in these two directions

in the world's control systems: among the famous brand cars that control electrical appliances running on the national highway, 2 of every 3 cars use PPG paint or PPG technology

at the Shanghai WorldExpo, the pavilions of China, the United States, France, Russia and other countries all chose PPG paint without exception

this enterprise, which was founded in 1883 and has a history of more than 100 years, has deep roots with world-class famous car manufacturers, and has cooperated with almost all famous car manufacturers. As the world's leading manufacturer of coatings, glass and chemicals, PPG has made remarkable achievements not only in the world, but also in China

great victory

ppg company, a global coating enterprise with the word "PPG", has always been known for its steady pace of development in China

In April, 1994, PPG signed a cooperation agreement with the Tianjin municipal government to establish PPG coatings (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone to provide high-quality automotive coatings and industrial coatings for the Chinese market. And has successively established 14 factories in China through acquisition, joint venture or sole proprietorship, including Zhangjiagang resin raw material factory under construction

in fact, the establishment of PPG coatings (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is only the beginning of PPG's entry into China. The earliest footprint of PPG in China can be traced back to 1980, when China's automotive industry was still in the period of small Dutch talent, PPG prospectively saw the broad development prospects of China's market, became one of the first foreign-funded enterprises to enter the Chinese market, and supplied automotive coatings to Beijing Jeep at that time

Up to now, PPG has not only established cooperative relations with world-famous brands such as Volkswagen, general motors, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen, but also established long-term cooperative relations with independent brands such as Chery and Hainan Mazda in the Chinese market. PPG's performance in the Chinese market has already exceeded its initial expectations

ppg vice president cynthianiekamp said happily when talking about the development of these years: "in fact, our profits in the Chinese market not only achieved the goal we designed at that time, but also far exceeded this goal. No one thought that the Chinese market would grow so fast. In the past year and a half, our sales have almost doubled."

investment in production expansion

according to statistics, China's automobile production in 2009 has exceeded 13million, and the demand for automotive coatings reached about 520000 tons, including about 270000 tons of new car paint, about 103000 tons of repair paint, and about 146000 tons of component paint and PVC stone impact resistant paint. For global automotive coating manufacturers under the financial crisis, the strong demand in the Chinese market is undoubtedly a "lifesaver"

according to the conservative prediction of the automotive industry, the total demand for automobiles in China will be 15million in 2010, which also proves that the automotive coating market in China will remain hot in 2010. The layout of the Chinese market will also become the first choice of coating enterprises, PPG is no exception

in fact, PPG has never stopped its pace in the Chinese market. Since the establishment of PPG in Tianjin in 1994, PPG has been constantly looking for opportunities in the Chinese market

opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. PPG, which has been playing steadily in the Chinese market, seized its own opportunity. It has successively built factories in Wuhu, Zhangjiagang and other places. Only recently, the Tianjin factory, including the expansion of water-based coating production line, has invested 10million US dollars. We can see its determination and confidence in the Chinese market

"PPG is full of confidence in the future of the Chinese market, and we will continue to increase investment in the Chinese market, especially in independent brands." Ms. Ni, who has been working in the automotive field and has been paying attention to the Chinese market for many years, said with confidence

enter independent brands

in the traditional concept, low-end and low price are synonymous with independent brands, as if every part of them has nothing to do with high-end brands, not to mention maintaining cost advantages

in this regard, Yang Weihua, general manager of PPG Industrial Company Automotive paint China, said that although most self owned brand products still focus on pursuing cost advantages, they may ensure the synchronous accuracy of transmission, and many car companies and brands are already pursuing high quality automotive paint. Yang Weihua said that in terms of primer, not only buses and trucks, but also some agricultural vehicle enterprises have begun to use electrophoretic paint

in fact, PPG's automotive paint business in China not only serves traditional global customers, but also has focused on a large number of local customers in recent years to support the development of independent brands

in fact, in terms of the number of customers, PPG has more local brands. Local brands sometimes need more support. Whether in terms of products, construction technology and on-site construction, most local brands started relatively late, and some technical systems are not mature, which is more conducive to PPG to give full play to its advantages and help customers establish a complete set of technical systems

at present, China's self-made experimental machine is a relatively common laboratory machine brand, which is still in its infancy. The most important consideration is the cost factor. However, with the improvement of technology, PPG should not only make some savings in product quality and construction technology, but also help them in the supply chain. Ms. Ni specifically mentioned Wuhu and chose to invest in the new plant in Wuhu, mainly because it is to better serve Chery and other important customers, so as to shorten the supply cycle and reduce costs for Chery, and also help PPG better serve the South China market

in addition, PPG has established a major resin production plant in Zhangjiagang. It also wants to localize the originally imported things, which brings not only changes in cost structure, but also changes in response time. Therefore, PPG's establishment of a local factory not only meets the growth of local enterprises, but also helps them save costs and establish a better and shorter supply chain

these alone are not enough for PPG. At present, China's agricultural vehicles are in the stage of upgrading, and the traditional agricultural vehicles are very poor in corrosion resistance, often covered with rust in a year. PPG has a keen insight into this market and has developed a suitable electrophoretic paint for this market

at present, PPG not only provides paint for the heavy truck market, but also for the agricultural vehicle market, and it is also a green environmental protection paint

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