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PPG products add color to the U.S. Pavilion and the French Pavilion at the WorldExpo

as the world's leading paint and glass manufacturer, PPG industries has become one of the very active material suppliers in the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo. For example, the United States Pavilion uses PPG low radiation glass, the French Pavilion uses shenniuli yinuote ultra-low VOC (volatile organic compounds) interior wall paint, and the viaduct of more than 1 million square meters in Shanghai has witnessed the powerful protection function of shenniuli ultra-locking water-based paint

the theme of the US Pavilion at this Expo is "embracing challenges". At that time, it will show visitors a variety of core values of American spirit in addition to the development and production of materials with low global warming potential: sustainable development, teamwork, healthy life, technology and innovation. Jeff yigdall, director of engineering and international business of PPG high performance glass division, said: "the application of PPG low radiation glass fully reflects the concept of 'sustainable development' of the U.S. Pavilion. Solarban (R) 70xl, the world's first three silver coated sunlight controlled low radiation glass, was introduced in 2006. It has excellent solar transmittance and solar absorption ratio (LSG), and has always been the highest performance environmental glass in the industry." Solarban 70xl solar control low radiation glass has a solar transmittance of 64%, but it can block 73% of the heat, and the energy saving rate is 20% higher than that of similar products. Therefore, this glass helps to save energy, reduce costs, and reduce the use of air conditioning in buildings

the French Pavilion with the theme of "perceptual city" adopts the most advanced construction technology and materials, and its style fully reflects the "French elements" such as modernization, vitality and technological innovation, and also shows the lifestyle and quality of major cities in France. As the exclusive paint supplier of the French Pavilion, according to different power sources, there are two kinds of mechanical and electrical drive and hydraulic drive. PPG provides shennuilienot ultra-low VOC interior wall paint, which will cause equipment rust decoration and protect the interior walls, corridors, waiting areas, toilets and kitchens of the entire exhibition hall. The interior wall coating area is as much as 15000 square meters. Although coloring is not the only function of paint, the role of color is crucial. In order to better reflect the design concept of "perceptual city", PPG's color experts have had many in-depth discussions with the head of the French Pavilion, trying to select the most appropriate color effect for each area of the French Pavilion. The mainstream color of the museum is still white, while Chinese red, which represents "good luck", gray, which symbolizes "simplicity and tranquility", and black, which symbolizes "nobility", are also widely used in the color design of the museum, and complement the French gardens in the museum. More importantly, the low VOC and low odor paint supplied by PPG will ensure the fresh and clean air in the museum

in addition to the U.S. Pavilion and the French Pavilion, the construction of more than 1 million square meters of elevated roads in Shanghai also used Suntory super lock water-based paint, which undoubtedly brought a wonderful transportation experience to the Expo visitors

in addition, PPG Ivy water-based paint with excellent environmental protection is also used in projects including electronic universal testing machine, similar comparison and difference China Pavilion, France Pavilion, America Pavilion and Russia Pavilion. Zhonghua glass () Department

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