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Ooma company expands the free 911 alarm function for basic service customers

ctiforum 5 the overall situation of the current industry has improved compared with the previous period. News on August 11 (compiled/Liu Yu): according to foreign media reports, ooma company announced that it would expand its popular 911 alerts function for its basic service customers in the United States and Canada. This 911 alarm function is currently available on ooma's platform, which can provide additional security 4 Our company has a spare parts warehouse, because it can speed up critical communications in family emergencies

with the 911 alarm function, users of ooma company can enter up to 3 email addresses or numbers by using "my ooma" on the control panel. Once the emergency notification group is set up, when the user sends a 911 call from ooma number, the alarm message will be automatically sent to the designated recipient

ooma's other functions bundled with its basic services include free nationwide calls, caller ID, call waiting, 911 service, ooma's Bluetooth service, which enables calls to respond to strange phenomena in a circuit according to ooma's home system. Ooma's wireless service allows ooma's telo to be placed anywhere covered by Wi Fi networks, with a one button voice mailbox at home, Or remotely access voicemail from any or web browser

ooma's 911 alarm function used to only provide services for advanced customers. The optional services include more than 25 advanced functions, and the monthly fee is $9.99. Ooma's most popular advanced functions include telo's instant second line, tripartite meetings, multi ring simultaneous forward or backward call back mobile, voice mail forwarding to e-mail, so that users can receive and hear voice mail from any computer or smart mailbox, and the blacklist function blocks some incoming calls or sends them to voice mail to avoid unnecessary fund-raising harassment

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