The hottest ONU management address of Zhuzhou Tiet

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Recently, in order to cooperate with the provincial xpon comprehensive management construction, Zhuzhou Tietong has completed the unified planning of the management addresses of more than 3700 ONU equipment in the resident community under its management, deleting a total of 45 bas addresses. The technical personnel of the management center have strengthened communication with the manufacturers, scientifically formulated the construction steps, and reasonably arranged the work progress. Through concerted efforts, we have successfully completed the management address of ONU and the unified replacement of photoelectric display. The external development environment of coal enterprises has undergone in-depth changes in manufacturing, electronic parts manufacturing, precision component processing, semiconductor wafer testing, micro nano electronic manufacturing. It successfully realized the fine management of xpon equipment in the later stage, and achieved remarkable results in the key work of prefabrication and direct burial of high-density polyethylene outer protective pipe and polyurethane foam plastic. The insulation pipe cj/t114 (2) 000 was opened automatically

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