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China's onshore wind power is close to 3MW. What kind of wind turbine do we need

the diameter of the wind turbine is more than 170 meters, and the sweeping area is enough to stop two Airbus A380... This is a new record for 5 MW offshore wind turbines. In response, the height of onshore wind turbines is also rising

although the "large-scale" of wind turbines conforms to the development direction, in the early years, because China did not fully grasp the core technology, the key components still rely on imports, and the excessive demand for wind turbines inevitably leads to the worry of "hollowing out"

recently, the news from China shipbuilding industry group haizhuang Wind Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China haizhuang) gave worried people a dose of "reassurance"

on September 22, the h-mw wind turbine independently developed by COSCO officially went offline. The diameter of the wind turbine with the wind turbine is 140 meters, which is the largest 3-mW onshore wind turbine at home and abroad. Sunjianzhong, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of COSCO, introduced that the unit has all independent intellectual property rights. It is a smarter, more reliable and easier to maintain wind turbine. It can operate normally in the temperature range of - 30 ℃ - 40 ℃ and the wind speed range of 3 meters - 20 meters/second. Under the best wind speed of 9.6 meters/second, it can reach the rated power of 3000 kW

in fact, increasing the unit capacity is not only driven by the industry, but also comes from the pressure of the market. In the world, in the face of the low and medium wind speed market, it is natural to be clear and clear. High towers, long blades and high power are becoming the mainstream of fans

but the reality of our country is that the onshore wind power market accelerates the transfer to power load centers in the middle and Southeast, and factors such as low wind speed, high shear, complex terrain, and limited usable land area gradually become constraints on the development of regional wind power in the middle and Southeast. Products will inevitably fall in the process of handling or use

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, some provinces such as Shandong and Inner Mongolia clearly proposed to encourage the promotion of the application of wind turbines of 3 MW and above. The roadmap of the action plan for energy technology revolution and innovation clearly states that the innovation goal by 2020 is to form a complete set of wind power generation technology at a height of 200-300 meters. Master the design and manufacturing technology of large-scale wind turbines below 10 MW level and key components with independent intellectual property rights, and form international competitiveness

for large-capacity fans, super large towers and wind turbines, and high reliability of operation should be standard configuration. Zhang Kai, vice president of China offshore Research Institute and head of the 3 MW project, believes that the intelligence of design, manufacturing and operation will become a necessary option for large-capacity fans in the future, which is reflected in three aspects:

first, it should have strong environmental adaptability, It can adapt to various geographical and climatic environments such as normal/low temperature, plain/mountainous area, sand dust/ice, etc. at an altitude of 3000, when composting, it will not produce harmful decomposition materials for soil and crops. It can meet the high/low voltage fault ride through ability required by the latest electrical code, and can realize the functions matching intelligent electricity such as single machine and group primary frequency modulation

second, it is necessary to adopt a platform and modular design, which can provide diversified choices for rubber enhancement in land-based low wind speed areas, which can not only effectively reduce investment costs and increase the power generation per kilowatt, but also effectively reduce maintenance workload and maintenance costs, improve wind farm management efficiency, and maximize the interests of customers. Taking the 3-mW platform offline this time as an example, it can meet the h136, h140 and H146 wind turbines at the same time to meet the diversified needs of customers

third, it should be reflected in the operation system, including the intelligent system of single machine and wind farm operation, monitoring, remote diagnosis and prediction composed of advanced load reduction and power generation increase control technology and cloud big data analysis

from a global perspective, in 2015, foreign enterprises successively launched 3 MW wind turbines, and this year, more enterprises claim to enter 4 MW. Qinhaiyan, Secretary General of the wind energy professional committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, said that the 3 MW wind turbine developed by China haizhuang this time highly conforms to the needs of the onshore wind power industry. The market demand for wind turbine diameter units will be higher and higher in the future, and will become the main onshore machine type in the future

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