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Action: video conferencing helps the real estate industry solve the problem of sales in different places

the real estate industry is one of the pillar industries of China's economic development. In the past year, the real estate market is still booming. Due to the low deposit interest rate of banks, many people will choose to invest in real estate to obtain greater profits. In terms of relatively loose policies, listed enterprises have significantly reduced the cost of financing funds to meet the energy-saving needs of users to the greatest extent. Many enterprises dare to take land, and the real estate industry is still developing rapidly. Whether for their own use or investment, home buyers are good choices to buy real estate

the internal structure of real estate companies is complex, including engineering department, design department, project department, sales department and other departments, and has multiple branches across the country, which is relatively troublesome to manage. In order to better manage the establishment of the academician workstation in Xiamen and realize remote video applications such as remote conference, remote training, remote recruitment and remote collaboration, deploying a video conference system covering the headquarters and its subordinate branches is the best choice

the remote video conference system meets the needs of rapid communication among enterprises and strengthens the management of information channels. The real estate industry has more branches and thousands of employees. It is troublesome to hold meetings or accept sales results. Using the mobile remote video conference system, we can connect the branches and departments of the real estate industry scattered throughout the country, and jointly establish an interactive communication platform for timely and effective communication. Remote video conference can be used to report the sales performance and project progress of each division

remote training system to improve the professional level of employees

in daily management, the real estate industry can also use the remote training system to train employees all over the country and conduct business assessment on employees. The remote training system established by mobile video conference is used to train employees, save the processes of renting venues, organizing and transferring personnel, and declaring expenses, and achieve the effect that is not very different from the traditional face-to-face courses. Brazil is 12% of the high business level of real estate employees

remote recruitment system can solve the problem of recruitment in different places

due to the large sales pressure of real estate, the personnel flow is relatively large, and cross regional personnel recruitment is also a big problem for employees in the personnel department. Using the remote recruitment system established by mobile video conference, both sides of job hunting and recruitment can conduct face-to-face video and voice interactive communication, complete the whole interview process in a short time, and achieve the predetermined recruitment effect. In the process of remote recruitment, a large number of data including images, sounds, words, resumes and so on can be transmitted, and one-to-one or one to many face-to-face multimedia communication can be realized

as an efficient and convenient remote communication tool, mobile video conferencing has attracted the attention of many enterprises in recent years

functions that can be realized by the mobile video conference system:

by using cloud service, it can provide rental services for real estate enterprises and save costs. All branches and project departments do not need a fixed IP address, as long as they can connect to the Internet, they can participate in the conference

through the mobile video conference system, the upper part can be connected to the company headquarters and the lower part can be connected to regional branches. The real estate headquarters, branches and project departments can see and hear the video, audio and data contents of other branches through the video conference system, and can conduct multi-party interactive communication

it can be connected with the original Polycom, Cisco, Huawei and other conference equipment, saving operating costs for real estate companies

it has strong compatibility, supports multi terminal access, and can participate in meetings through terminals such as, computers, smart TVs, voice, conference terminals or office computers, so as to avoid users on business trips missing meetings

support desktop flying screen, real-time document sharing, and realize video communication and resource sharing among all parts of the real estate company

the live video conference system can not only help real estate companies improve communication efficiency and staff quality, but also promote remote cooperation for the purpose of upstream and downstream communication, and help enterprises develop better and faster

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