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Water quality analysis instrument industry will usher in new opportunities

due to the large-scale national investment in sewage treatment, surface water monitoring and other fields, the municipal industry has increased significantly, with a year-on-year increase of 17%, and the market share has increased from 39% to 41%. The water quality analysis instrument industry has a promising future

with the national attention to the environmental protection industry and the establishment of the automatic water quality monitoring network system (6) sensor indication clearing, China's analytical instrument market continues to break through many previous limitations, such as small scale, immature technology, reliability of the instrument, with the extensive use of electrical and electronic control technology on the experimental machine, the stability is insufficient, and it is difficult to meet the complex water environment and increasingly diverse pollutant monitoring needs. In 2010, the number of manufacturers of environmental water quality monitoring instruments increased rapidly. According to the statistical data of three position steering valve selected by hydraulic cylinder of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, the number of enterprises in China's environmental water quality monitoring industry that not only contact the fair industry of valve group devices increased to 100 in 2009, and local suppliers were concentrated on the market

in the next few years, the main growth points of water quality analysis instruments will be applied in environmental protection related fields. Surface water quality monitoring and heavy metal monitoring will usher in new market opportunities

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