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Ontario center of excellence investment support fingerprint proof touch screen coating development

Ontario center of excellence investment support fingerprint proof touch screen coating development

April 22, 2013

[China paint information] Ontario centers of excellence (hereinafter referred to as "OCE") is investing $200000 to support Queen's University's innovative technology projects, People no longer need to worry about fingerprints and stains on tablets and smart touch screens in the future

The investment of OCE will help Queen's University and its business partner lorama Inc. accelerate the commercialization of this technology called "smart coating". This technology was invented by Dr. Guojun Liu and Dean Xiong, chemists at Queen's University

Dr. Tom corr, President and CEO of OCE, said, "we are very happy to cooperate with Queen's University and levamar to support this excellent product. At present, hundreds of millions of touch-screen devices are used every day in daily life. This breakthrough technology that can keep the screen cleaner contains huge business opportunities, demonstrates Ontario's innovation ability, creates employment opportunities and promotes local economic development."

oce provides relevant funding through the cooperative research program, which aims to promote the research cooperation between industry and academia on the wear research on the spinal simulator in vitro (for a period of up to two years), so as to achieve the purpose of encouraging technological innovation. These cooperative projects have developed commercially viable technologies, thereby bringing new sources of income and high-value jobs to Ontario. Previously, OCE has invested $25000 in the project through its technical problem solving program

Reza moridi, director of the Ontario Department of research and innovation, Canada, said: "Ontario has world-class researchers. The research they do today will bring new jobs to tomorrow. I am proud that we can fill the gap in the commercialization process through OCE, connect research with industry, and turn research into products that change the direction of industry development like fingerprint proof intelligent coating."

this kind of coating can prevent the surface of the object from being stained with water or oil, and is applicable to a variety of surfaces, such as glass and gold. The samples of the two materials are placed on a warm surface exposed to the skin, including wood, ceramics, plastics, textiles, fibers and paper, and will be further studied whether it can be used for a wider range of purposes, Including avoiding the wall from being painted, the usual protection and maintenance is of great significance to ensure the normal operation and measurement accuracy of the equipment, prevent marine organisms from attaching to the hull, and prevent ice and fog

Lucy Su, business development manager of parteq innovations at Queen's University, said: "this super antifouling technology is exciting because it has huge development potential, or can help solve a variety of industrial problems while benefiting the environment."

lehuama Co., Ltd., a leading Canadian manufacturer and supplier of special additives, which serves the paint and coating production industry, is cooperating with researchers from Queen's University to put this technology into commercial production

Alison crummlehulme, director of the commercial development department of lehuama, said: "lehuama believes that the cooperation between industry and academia is very important, which can bring innovative products to the coating and coating industry. This cooperation is conducive to the exchange between lehuama and world-class scientific researchers in Canada, so that lehuama can be exposed to innovative technologies developed by our university."

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