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Heavyweight! Rongzhi biology released the world's first commercialized microbial mass spectrometry database

it is obvious to all that with the increase of national investment in food safety, environmental monitoring, drug analysis, life science and other fields, all walks of life have put forward higher demands for safe and efficient development as the best teaching materials for service improvement. As an important analytical instrument, mass spectrometer is widely used and the market demand is growing

as the gold standard method for quantitative detection of protein and metabolic molecules, bio mass spectrometry is an important development and application direction of clinical testing technology. Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOFMS) is a mass spectrometry analysis technology that came out in the late 1980s and developed rapidly, which affected the safety of modern residents

in 2013, the rapid microbial identification products based on this technology were registered by FDA, opening a new era of clinical testing with mass spectrometry technology, and also bringing revolutionary breakthroughs to the medical and biological fields. Nowadays, mass spectrometry has been applied in the field of life science for more than 40 years. However, due to the performance limitations of traditional MALDI-TOFMS, this method fails to utilize more abundant biological information

recently, Rongzhi biology announced the completion of the construction of a microbial mass spectrometry database based on the new concept of biomics. This is the first time in the world to release the commercialized bioomics microbial mass spectrometry database. Up to now, quanid microbial database has built a huge microbial mass spectrometry database containing more than 4000 microorganisms (bacteria and fungi), covering clinical, food safety, animal husbandry and veterinary, environmental ecology, scientific research and other fields

in addition to the new database building method, Rongzhi biology has also cooperated with many domestic well-known strain preservation units to continuously improve the construction of the local unique microbial database, making the microbial database not only competent for international general microbial identification, but also more suitable for the needs of domestic users. In the future, Rongzhi biology will further and rapidly expand the capacity of microbial database, so that microbial mass spectrometry can be applied to a wider range of industries

in terms of market share, domestic mass spectrometers account for only 3% of the domestic mass spectrometry market. The products in China's mass spectrometry market are almost monopolized by imported brands such as Agilent, Walters, Thermo Fisher and Brooke. However, for domestic mass spectrometry electronic universal pull test manufacturers, which are divided into measurement system, drive system, control system and computer software system, development is the last word, focusing on the increasingly diversified and individualized clinical needs. The industrialization of domestic mass spectrometer still needs further efforts, in-depth innovation, opening up new development paths, and striving to move forward in the increasingly fierce competition in which Japanese graphene gathers the best quality of various materials in the world

let mass spectrometry technology benefit more people and realize the Chinese dream of clinical mass spectrometry. Looking forward to the future, Rongzhi biology will rely on the east wind of the capital market, rely on high and new technology, make overall layout, create a highly internationally competitive biotechnology enterprise, and make unremitting exploration for the localization of life science instruments and the improvement of the medical and health level of Chinese people

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