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The world's first batch of "virtual power plant" standards have been adopted in China: promoting clean energy transformation with standard construction

□ Li Xinmin reports from Beijing

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comes from the news of the Beijing "energy transformation" high-end forum and the awarding ceremony of the international standard innovation base. The two "virtual power plant" standards initiated by the State Grid have been approved by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), becoming the first batch of international standards in this field in the world

"every major energy transformation is guided by technological progress." Shuyinbiao, vice chairman of IEC and chairman of China home appliances Co., Ltd., said that standard construction will play an important role in the global energy transformation. The construction of relevant standards of "virtual power plant" is of great significance for the energy transformation in the direction of clean and low carbon

the national "virtual power plant" standard was internationally recognized

on September 21, the "energy transformation" high-end forum and the awarding ceremony of the international standard innovation base, hosted by the national household appliances Co., Ltd. and the International Electrotechnical Commission and undertaken by Hebei electric power company, which must be installed according to the existing environment, was held in Beijing. State Grid announced that its two "virtual power plant" standards have been approved by IEC

iec, namely the International Electrotechnical Commission, was established in London in 1906. It is the earliest and most influential International Electrotechnical Standardization Organization in the world and plays an important role in promoting global energy transformation. Over the past century, IEC has issued a total of 7713 international standards in the field of electrical engineering, which has made important contributions to promoting the sustainable development of electric power and energy

it is understood that due to the wide application prospect of virtual power plants, the world is seizing the opportunity and striving for strategic initiative, and standard formulation has become an indispensable place to dominate the international discourse. In october2017, the State Grid Corporation of China organized a team of experts from Hebei electric power company and the China Electric Power Research Institute to submit to the IEC, on behalf of China, proposals for "virtual power plant" use cases but due to the increasing amount of plastic packaging waste and architecture and functional requirements. After fierce competition, the project was officially approved in march2018. This means that the first international standards established by IEC in the field of "virtual power plant" fall to China

what is a "virtual power plant"? Duxiangwan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, who attended the forum, explained that "virtual power plant" is not a power plant in the traditional sense, it is equivalent to an "intelligent housekeeper" of power. From the perspective of electricity, when photovoltaic power generation, wind power and other distributed energy sources are intermittent, they are organized through energy storage devices to form a stable and controllable "big power plant", which is convenient to deal with various relationships with big power

in an interview with the economic information daily of Xinhua news agency, Wang Xing, Ph.D. in electrical engineering of Brunel University and vice president of global technology and products Department of sendrick company, said that the virtual power plant is an invisible power plant and a scattered energy polymer. In this polymer, power users are consumers and may also be producers. For example, a user who owns an electric car can charge the car at night when the power is relatively surplus and the electricity price is low. During the day, when the power is relatively tight and the electricity price is also high, he can sell electricity. In such a polymer, power generation and consumption are balanced by self-regulation

"to put it simply, virtual power plant is a 'source load' aggregation management mode with the user as the center and the commercial market as the platform under the Internet + smart energy environment." Wangxuanwen, party secretary and deputy general manager of Hebei Electric Power Trading Center Co., Ltd., said that the virtual power plant will have broad application prospects in distributed power generation, northern clean heating, user side demand response, electric vehicles, etc. Virtual power plants can "connect" distributed photovoltaic, energy storage equipment, heat storage boilers and controllable loads in series to maximize the overall energy supply benefits of cooling, heating and electricity. In the bustling urban buildings, the virtual power plant can monitor the flexible controllable loads such as central air conditioning and electric vehicles, environmental parameters and distributed energy output in real time, automatically adjust and optimize the response quality around the needs of users and systems, reduce the investment in power supply and power construction, and achieve a win-win situation for users, systems, technologies and business models while creating a good and comfortable living environment

shuyinbiao, vice chairman of IEC and chairman of Guodian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., said that distributed energy makes the merger subject both a power producer and a power consumer, and the complexity and uncertainty of power operation have increased significantly. "Virtual power plant" is essentially an upgrade of a new generation of power system, which will provide solutions for solving clean energy consumption and green energy transformation

it is of great significance to China's clean energy transformation

the participating experts believe that, as a solution to solve the problems of clean energy consumption and green energy transformation, the two international standards of "virtual power plant" have been adopted in China, which marks the full recognition of China's energy transformation and green development by the international community and is of great significance to China and even the global clean energy transformation

Shu Yinbiao made three basic judgments on energy transformation in his keynote speech. First, clean and low carbon is the basic direction of energy transformation. On the basis of continuously promoting the clean utilization of fossil energy and improving energy efficiency, it has become a common choice for all countries to vigorously develop and utilize non fossil energy, especially new renewable energy such as wind power and solar power. Second, re electrification is the fundamental path of energy transformation. In terms of production links, it is reflected in the fact that more and more electric energy is converted from non fossil energy, and will eventually come mainly from non fossil energy, especially renewable energy. From the perspective of terminal consumption, it is reflected in the unprecedented expansion of the utilization range of electric energy, the obvious trend of electric energy substitution in traditional fossil energy consumption markets such as transportation, and electric power will become the main energy variety supporting the modern information society and digital economy. Dow and DuPont announced that the future beautiful society will be a highly electrified society. Third, building a new generation of power system is the basic guarantee for energy transformation. The new generation of power system will be a new type of power system with the characteristics of wide interconnection, intelligent interaction, flexibility, security, controllability and open sharing

"as the world's largest energy consumer, China has taken the lead in the world in the clean energy transformation in recent years." Shuyinbiao pointed out that in terms of clean energy utilization, during the 10 years from 2008 to 2017, the installed capacity of wind power and solar power in China increased by 44% and 191% annually, much higher than the global average growth rate of 19% and 46%. By the end of 2017, China's installed capacity of renewable energy had reached 650million kilowatts (340million kilowatts of water, 160million kilowatts of wind and 130million kilowatts of light), accounting for 36.6%, slightly lower than the level of 38.7% in Europe (2015) and much higher than the level of 19.6% in the United States. In the process of re electrification, since 2000, the proportion of global electric energy in terminal energy consumption has increased from 15.4% to 19% at present, an increase of about 4 percentage points; China increased from 14.8% to 23.5%, an increase of about 9 percentage points. It is estimated that by 2030, the proportion of global and Chinese electric energy in terminal energy consumption will reach about 24% and 30% respectively

according to shuyinbiao, with the deepening of energy transformation, the function and operation mode of electricity have been put to an unprecedented test. Wind energy, solar energy and other clean and renewable energy have the characteristics of randomness, intermittency and fluctuation. Large scale and high proportion of access to electricity has brought huge pressure on peak load regulation and frequency regulation, resulting in the weakening of the system moment of inertia, which has brought a series of new challenges to the balance regulation of the power system and the safe and stable operation of electricity. Moreover, in the past, a large and medium-sized power plant only needed to be connected to dozens or hundreds of power plants, and one-way power transmission from the production side to the consumption side; Now, with the development of new energy technology and the integration with digital technology, electricity will be connected to thousands or even tens of thousands of various power supplies and a large number of new interactive energy consumption equipment. Many of them are both producers and consumers. The complexity and uncertainty of electricity operation have increased significantly

under this background, the "virtual power plant technology" aimed at "providing solutions for solving the problem of clean energy consumption and green energy transformation" came into being. It adapts to the needs of energy transformation, promotes the evolution of traditional electricity from function to energy interconnection, and upgrades to a new generation of power system from technology. Its physical characteristics, structure, operation mechanism and control mode are obviously different from those of traditional power system, which is considered to be the key to the sustainable and in-depth promotion of energy transformation

promote clean energy transformation with standard construction

"the wave of energy transformation cannot be short of international standards, and the formulation of international standards cannot be without the voice of China." Gabriela Ehrlich, director of IEC global public affairs and publicity department, said at the forum that the two international standards of "virtual power plant" will be given to China National Power Corporation this time, so that the world can look forward to the Chinese wisdom of international standards

Cuigang, director of the standards Innovation Management Department of the State Administration of market supervision, who attended the forum, believes that international standards, as the world's "common language", are the basic norms for connectivity among countries and the basic conditions for technical cooperation, and play an increasingly important role in promoting energy transformation. All along, the State Grid Corporation of China has made great efforts to promote the development of UHV, smart electricity, clean energy and other technologies, actively implemented clean substitution and electric energy substitution, vigorously promoted the construction of global energy interconnection, blazed a path of innovative development for power enterprises with Chinese characteristics, made a series of bold innovative practices to promote energy transformation, and provided a Chinese scheme for the world's energy transformation

Cuigang said that large-scale development and utilization of new energy is the core measure, comprehensive re electrification of energy production and consumption is the basic way, and interconnected, intelligent and efficient modern electricity is the basic platform. Technological innovation is the core of energy transformation. The global energy sector is actively exploring new technologies and promoting new development. Taking the lead in making technological breakthroughs and realizing technological innovation will surely become the leader of energy transformation. The preparation and release of international standards by State Grid Corporation of China will not only help lead the transformation and upgrading of energy, but also promote related industries to move towards high-end and promote the realization of Chinese creation

"without standardization, energy transformation cannot succeed." When talking about the significance of the standard for promoting the energy transformation of Jixi's original coal production capacity of 31million tons, shuyinbiao stressed that, first, in terms of the interaction and connection of various links, with the large number of new equipment and new users connected, new technologies and new ways emerging, it is urgent to strengthen the standard construction, focus on filling the standard gap, improve the integrity, interactivity and compatibility of the standard system, and provide a unified standard for the close connection and efficient coupling of various links; Second, in terms of ensuring the safety and quality of the power system, in promoting China's energy transformation, we must put ensuring the safety and quality in the first place, constantly improve the standard system, promote the construction of electric intrinsic safety, and realize the "controllable and under control" of power system safety; III. in terms of promoting international energy cooperation and exchange, with the in-depth development of economic globalization, the interconnection of energy and power infrastructure and capacity cooperation have accelerated, becoming a priority area for the construction of the "the Belt and Road". Strengthening international standards cooperation, docking and mutual recognition is of great importance to promoting infrastructure connectivity and capacity cooperation among countries

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