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The world's first 220kV evaporative cooling power transformer made in Shenzhen

Nanfang news Shenzhen enterprise has successfully developed the world's first 220kV evaporative cooling power transformer, making the substation "indoor, miniaturized and oil-free", which can be embedded in the office area, production area and living area, and does not occupy land alone. This was learned at a press conference of the 21st high tech fair on November 17

the transformer is developed by Shenzhen aodian High Voltage Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "aodian high voltage"). Yuan, the executive deputy general manager of the company, improved the design to cope with other technical difficulties. Yasong introduced that evaporative cooling power transformer is a power transformer that uses a new type of low boiling point, non combustible and environmental friendly liquid insulation material as the insulation cooling medium of the transformer and effectively cools the transformer through its own gas-liquid phase change

at present, the oil immersed transformer with the largest consumption in the city has potential safety hazards in case of fire-fighting problems, and needs to occupy land independently, which brings great pressure to Shenzhen, where "every inch of land is worth every inch of money". The evaporative cooling power transformer can realize both non combustion, heat dissipation and environmental protection, so that the substation does not occupy land alone. The cost is the core resistance of automobile lightweight, releasing land resources and reconstructing urban space

2011, Shenzhen municipal government began to actively study new ideas for urban substation construction. At that time, Shenzhen Municipal Commission of economy and information technology carried out the research on "indoor, miniaturized and oil-free" substation, and proposed a new mode of developing embedded auxiliary substation. 2. Speed up capital turnover in 2014, due to the high land value of Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Zone, all 220kV substations under construction were determined as embedded auxiliary substations, which urgently needs a new type of safe, non combustible, green and environmental protection power transformer. The PLA material of embedded auxiliary transformer is a very popular material at present. The key technology of SF6 transformer used in the power station is controlled by Japan, and the core components must be imported from Japan. In addition, SF6 is listed as one of the six greenhouse gases by the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change

previously, aodian HV developed the world's first 110kV evaporative cooling power transformer in 2009 and put it into operation in 2013. With the support of government departments, aodian HV has officially started to develop 220kV large capacity evaporative cooling power transformer. In February, 2018, the design scheme of 220kv/120000kva evaporative cooling power transformer passed the expert review of China Machinery Industry Federation. The expert group believes that the scheme is innovative and progressiveness at home and abroad. In july2019, the world's first 220kV evaporative cooling power transformer was successfully trial produced

jiaxingdong, director of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, introduced that as a national economic center city, Shenzhen ranks first in the country in terms of enterprise management and population density. In 2019, the highest power load in Shenzhen was 19.1 million KW, ranking first in the country. The estimated power supply was 94 billion kw · h, ranking sixth in large and medium-sized cities in the country. With the development of Shenzhen's economy and society and the continuous improvement of urbanization, the contradiction between the growing power demand of the whole society and the shortage of space has become more prominent. In this case, promoting the construction of embedded auxiliary substation is of great significance to realize the coordinated development of Shenzhen substation construction and economic, social and ecological environment

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