The world's first ABB transmission launched ACS510

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On June 29, 2005, Shanghai, China - ABB, the world's leading power and automation technology supplier, released its new AC frequency converter product - ACS510 Series in Shanghai today. This series of products can help users save energy consumption, especially in the application of fans and pumps, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions

"as the central government has shown, in addition to ensuring more reliable power supply, we can and must reduce energy consumption through various other channels," Mr. Anderson, senior vice president and head of ABB China Automation Technology Department, told more than 1000 people in the automation industry attending the automation summit, Cuilixin said "High performance products are the strengths of ABB's universal testing machine CPLD design and operation. From the Three Gorges to the high-voltage DC transmission lines in Shanghai and other cities, to motors and frequency converters, and ABB's control systems for optimizing industrial production processes, these technologies that abb has been developing for more than 100 years will help us in the five key areas mentioned by Premier Wen Jiabao, from mandatory node measures to improving power output , have better performance. "

according to the data provided by ABB, in the past 10 years, abb AC inverter has saved 10 billion hours of electric energy for 8: electrical control system: the main electrical components are produced by foreign or Sino foreign joint ventures, which is about equivalent to the power generation of a nuclear power plant for two years

"we chose China as the first stop for the global launch of ACS510 series inverter because China is a very important and rapidly growing market," said Mr. hainolai, general manager of ABB Electric Drive Systems Co., Ltd. in Beijing. "We believe that the launch of this new product will further consolidate our leading position in the market."

abb optimized the speed regulation function of ACS510 series AC frequency converter in fan and water pump applications. This powerful industrial design includes cutting-edge energy optimization technology, which can significantly reduce motor losses and noise caused by local loads. This technology can be used for the speed control of up to seven parallel pump motors, and realize low harmonic, low radiation and low noise. The new ACS510 product series, together with the previous ACS550 series standard frequency converters, ACS800 series industrial frequency converters, micro frequency converters, medium voltage and DC drives, further improve ABB's electrical drive product series

abb is a global leader in power and automation technologies, helping industrial and utility customers improve product performance while reducing adverse environmental impacts. ABB Group operates in more than 100 countries and employs 102000 people. ABB carries out a full range of business activities in China, including manufacturing, R & D, sales and services. ABB has 8000 employees in China, and 22 wholly-owned and joint ventures have sales and service networks in 30 cities across the country

abb acs510

what is ACS510

acs510 is another outstanding low-voltage AC drive product of abb

acs510 can be simply purchased, installed, configured and used, which can save quite a lot of time

abb standard transmission guarantee

61548; Timely delivery

61548; Quick installation

61548; Quick start

61548; Worry free uses

application fields

abb drives are used in industrial fields. ACS510 is especially suitable for fan and water pump drives. Typical applications include constant pressure water supply, cooling fans, subway and tunnel fans, etc


61548; Perfect match for fan and water pump application

61548; Advanced control panel

61548; Patented technology for harmonic reduction; Variable inductance reactor

61548; Cycle soft start

61548; Multipoint u/f curve

61548; Override mode

61548; The built-in RFI filter is used as the standard configuration and is applicable to the first and second environments

61548; CE certification

main performance

perfect matching of fan and water pump:

8226; Enhanced PFC application: up to 7 (1 + 6) pumps can be controlled; Can switch more pumps

8226; SPFC: cycle soft start function; Each pump can be adjusted successively

8226; Multi point u/f curve: 5-point u/f curve can be freely defined; It can be flexibly and widely used

8226; Override mode: fire mode applied to tunnel fan; Used in emergency situations

8226; PID regulator: two independent built-in PID controllers: pid1 and pid2. Pid1 can set two sets of parameters; An independent external valve can be controlled through pid2

which is more economical:

8226; Intuitive characteristics: the noise is optimized, the switching frequency is increased when the transmission temperature is reduced, and the controllable cooling fan is only started when necessary; The switching frequency can be randomly distributed to reduce noise, greatly improve motor noise, reduce transmission noise and improve efficiency

8226; Flux Optimization: automatically reduce the motor flux when the load is reduced; Greatly reduce energy consumption and noise

8226; Connectivity: simple installation, side-by-side installation, easy cable connection, convenient connection to the fieldbus system through a variety of i/o connections and plug-in options; Reduce installation time, save installation space, reliable cable connection

more environmentally friendly:

8226; EMC: RFI filter applicable to the first and second environment is standard configuration; No additional external filter is required

8226; Reactor: variable inductance reactor: distribute inductance according to different loads, so as to suppress and reduce harmonics; Reduce total harmonic


mu158226; Advanced control panel: 2 function keys, functions change with different states, built-in help key, modified parameter list; Easy to configure and debug, quick start, quick access to parameters

8226; Fieldbus: built in RS485 interface, using Modbus protocol, plug-in fieldbus module as an option; Reduced costs

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