The world's first chemical chip developed by Germa

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Germany develops the world's first chemical chip

Dresden University of technology recently developed the world's first chemical chip, which can process chemical information characterized by substance concentration "and can independently process chemical information. For example, if the other end is a rod or a cable is sawed off, it is a microprocessor with the function of chip laboratory

the chemical chip is composed of multi-layer composite materials. There are hundreds of tiny channels and chemical reaction chambers inside, in which the liquid with different concentrations of chemicals can flow. Through the 200@ detection performance embedded in the chip: more than 0 micro valves, the flow direction and flow of liquid can be accurately controlled (in the order of one millionth of a liter). This chip can be used to realize the rapid and automatic analysis of blood and urine samples, and is expected to form a reliable and rapid diagnostic method in the medical field

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