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Since the last decade of the 20th century, the home decoration profession has become more and more difficult. The impact of e-commerce shopping has slapped the traditional home decoration profession. The traditional form of home decoration was overthrown. With the development of the times, the spending concept of consumers has changed dramatically. The arrival of the legendary era of low profits has wiped out many small and medium-sized companies. As a major category of home decoration profession, doors and windows profession can't help considering that Ru'an survives in the market competition of survival of the fittest and bullying the weak

it was not difficult for us to find that with the improvement of consumers' living standards and aesthetic grades, consumers have a deeper understanding of home spending, and most consumers tend to spend at the high end. The cost of doors and windows is not only a process of business, but also a process of service. How to do a good job of service has become a key factor for the door and window profession to break into a high category

the fan effect constitutes the earnings system

the fan effect here is not the effect of star endorsement. As a high-end cost service, we need to cultivate the company's own fans. Thousands of fans can bring the company a surplus that cannot be underestimated. The popularity of communication things and membership rules is a key to the fan effect of door and window professional production. Use wechat, Alipay and other members to bind, Cooperate with offline fan salon activities, establish outstanding, harmonious and healthy contacts with fans, and cultivate fans' satisfaction and loyalty. The combination of interest and emotion is the healthiest surplus system

online and offline cooperation to create efficient and perfect services

at the Yunqi Conference opened in Yunxi Town, Hangzhou, Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma delivered a keynote speech. The concept of "new retail" proposed by him brightened the eyes of the guests present, and also attracted the attention of many traditional door and window entrepreneurs. Serving the ceiling profession that accounts for the majority in all sales links, the new retail concept perfectly combines the two seemingly conflicting categories of physical stores and e-commerce. Online sales and offline services, deployment of goods, regional division, dealers can give customers who place orders in this region the fastest delivery and installation, eliminating logistics delays and adding consumers' sense of spending experience

the internal composition of the company team service understanding form

the traditional salesperson only pays attention to the sale of one action, and ignores the service after the sale. As for the door and window profession, all the sales links are relatively longer. The key point is not to sell, but the service after the sale. The door and window enterprise should participate in the service understanding in the process of forming the company culture, which plays an important role in the integration of the ears and eyes of the company's employees, The progress of service awareness and service attitude is a link that ceiling companies need to pay attention to at present

the progress of consumers' spending levels is promoting the reform of door and window enterprises. We can no longer be satisfied with the bottom construction. We should depict it at a high level, use major service platforms, and create all service systems. Service promotion is urgent





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