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In the family decoration, the living room is the most frequently used place in daily life, and the decoration of its furniture is also extremely important. Deville wardrobe mall widely searched seven popular TV cabinets on the market in 2016, and you can see the trend of furniture from TV cabinets

↑ install the TV directly on the board attached to the living room combination cabinet, and the overall effect is very good. → TVs, decorations and all kinds of decorations can be integrated together, and all types of shelves allow orderly storage without clutter

↑ in order to facilitate storage, the long and short cabinets adopt the drawer cabinet design, and the seemingly irregular hanging cabinet above adopts the upturned door design locally, which is extremely intimate! → dark brown marble background wall is used as decoration, which increases the reflection effect of decorative lights, with a full sense of modernity

↑ the log color TV background wall is integrated with the Mona Lisa TV cabinet to form the same plane, presenting an unusual aesthetic feeling. → hidden doors and open storage spaces are distributed hierarchically, which is very artistic

↑ the hanging TV cabinet is very space-saving, and the hanging at the bottom is also convenient for household cleaning. → two additional shelving boards are installed on the wall, which can be used for decoration or placing items, which is simple and beautiful

↑ the multifunctional TV cabinet composed of hanging cabinet + open display cabinet + floor storage cabinet is undoubtedly the * choice of modern home, with pleasing shape and powerful function

↑ the storage problem of TV cabinet cannot be ignored in the living room with small space. If you choose this kind of cabinet, books, magazines, CDs, and TVs can be loaded in, and the living room can be kept fresh and tidy. → powerful storage function is the second, and the most important is high appearance. Seeing the white jade cabinet body adds a lot of beauty to the living room

↑ the TV cabinet is equipped with a hidden door storage cabinet. No matter how messy it is inside, it still looks very beautiful and tidy outside. → various decorations can also be placed next to the TV, making the corner where the TV is placed look less monotonous

it is not difficult to analyze the seven TV cabinets in dewell wardrobe mall. Most of them are warm colors, with a little white or other colors, which not only makes the space interesting, but also exquisite in the storage space. The TV cabinet is not only a TV cabinet, but also a display and storage function. The above seven TV cabinets have been rolled out nationwide. For details, please go to dwejia wardrobe mall www.dwejia com。 Or call the customized hotline: 400-8822-118 More customized furniture renderings of the overall wardrobe, including living room series, dining room series, bedroom series and study series products, are actually in the dewell wardrobe mall





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