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when decorating a home, many owners will go to the door and window stores to see the products. After seeing a few more stores, they find that the colors of aluminum alloy doors and windows displayed in each store are just those, except champagne, wood grain, brown and other common colors. Naturally, the decoration is to find some that are similar to the colors of other furniture at home. Today, Xiaobian will come to solve your troubles

generally speaking, the store displays several popular colors recently, which are also the colors selected by many people. Because they are mass-produced, there will not be many color choices, but now many door and window brands can be customized. In belima, if the door and window style you like is not as good as the color you like, you can tell the store that you want to customize the door and window of this style, and you can choose the color independently, Or you can add your own design patterns. Because it is customized, the process cycle is a little longer, and because it is not a conventional color, the customized price may be a little higher. As long as you talk with the boss, there will be no hidden consumption in the later period

if you choose to customize, you need to be careful in choosing the color of aluminum alloy doors and windows. You can't choose any color, and you can't choose only by the color you like. For example, some people like bright red, purple, etc. It's not impossible to customize doors and windows of this color. If you don't match well, the overall effect after decoration will be greatly reduced, and even feel abrupt. Generally, you can choose the adjacent color system or the unified color system according to the color of the floor and the color of the furniture around the doors and windows

in addition to the delicate white series, bailima aluminum alloy doors and windows also have imitation wood grain, gray, etc. when customizing colors, it is best to give the samples to the manufacturer. Because photos and pictures will have color differences in different luminosity, consumers who need special customized colors should reserve time to avoid delaying the decoration plan

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