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How is the bursting strength tester tested? What are the influencing factors

how is the burst resistance tester tested? What are the influencing factors? Almost everyone in the packaging industry will use the bursting test machine. As a widely used equipment in the packaging industry, Haida engineer will introduce its testing methods and influencing factors

I. test method of carton bursting strength:

1. Test principle:

first, the endurance distance can be increased. Put the sample on the plastic film, clamp it and apply pressure evenly, so that the sample bulges under the top pressure of the plastic film until it breaks. The maximum value of displayed hydraulic pressure is the bursting value of the sample

2. Sample taking and preparation:

1) the sample area should be larger than the chuck of the bursting tester, and there should be no watermark, crease and damage. Samples that have been pressed by the chuck should not be used

2) sample pretreatment: the test sample must be treated according to GB

3. Bursting test process:

1) place the sample in the middle of the chuck and clamp the sample with a clamping force of not less than 690kpa

2) start the machine and gradually pressurize at the speed of (170 15) ml/min. When the sample breaks, read the value indicated on the pressure gauge

4. Precautions during the test:

1) correct the machine before the test to ensure that the upper and lower clamping discs are concentric (the error is not more than 0.25mm) and parallel

2) the highest position of the upper surface of the adhesive film is lower than the top surface of the lower clamping ring

3) take ten samples during the test, and measure the front and back sides for five times respectively

4) the sample must be larger than the area of the clamping ring

II. Calculation method of bursting strength:

1. If you want to accurately calculate the bursting strength of corrugated board, there should be a set of base paper bursting strength table in addition to the calculation formula

2. This table is a summary of the bursting strength of base paper of various specifications and brands. The more true the test value is, the more accurate the calculated value will be

3. It is concluded from the internal test of the carton factory that the carton factory without testing instruments can also collect the samples and send them to a special testing institution to make a parameter table

III. factors affecting the bursting strength

1. The bursting strength of corrugated boxes is determined by the bursting strength of the inner and outer layers of the cardboard and the septum base paper itself, and has nothing to do with the corrugated core paper

2. The bursting strength of the base paper itself is determined by the base paper fiber. The burst resistance is related to the fiber length and the binding force between fibers. The increase of fiber length will also improve the burst resistance

3. The corrugated box is stored in the environment with relative humidity of 50% RH ~ 80% RH, and the change range is very small, so the temperature and humidity balance treatment process of the sample can be avoided and the test time can be shortened

4. The storage environment of base paper or carton should be 25.5 ℃, 55.5% RH

5. The long-term stacking of web paper in the warehouse will cause fiber fatigue of the high-purity 7475 alloy base paper first introduced by Alcoa under this background, resulting in the decline of bursting resistance. The carton factory should try to be first in first out when using the base paper when 4) the analytical value of the finite element method is in good agreement with the measured value

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