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See how the old land of the paper industry turns into a gathering place of high-tech industries

release date: Source: Xinhua News Agency

fuchunwan new city, Fuyang District, Hangzhou, is located on the South Bank of the Fuchun River, with beautiful scenery. Not far from the high-speed railway station, the plant construction of some newly settled enterprises is in full swing. This was once a place where paper-making enterprises were concentrated; Now, most paper-making enterprises have retreated, and a large number of high-tech enterprises have settled here, making this former old land of paper industry gorgeous into a gathering place of high-tech industries

Hangzhou Fuyang was once the famous hometown of papermaking culture in China, and was also the largest whiteboard production base in China. However, the booming paper industry not only brings good economic benefits to the local area, but also has a serious impact on the environment. During the "13th five year plan" period, guided by the concept of "the relative movement of the two hydraulic oils caused by external forces", the local government shut down and retreated the paper-making enterprises, and firmly took a new path of high-quality development

Honghao group was once a leading local papermaking enterprise. In this process, the enterprise took the initiative to shut down 11 papermaking production lines, developed intelligent manufacturing and high-end equipment manufacturing industries through the introduction of cutting-edge talents and advanced technology at home and abroad, and gradually embarked on a new path of transformation and upgrading

with the transformation and withdrawal of paper enterprises, high-precision and high-end supporting projects have settled in fuchunwan new city. In March this year, the Fuyang special cooperation zone of Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang), located in Fuchun bay new city, ushered in the first centralized signing and construction. 10 projects with a total investment of 45.3 billion were started here, including 3 industrial projects with an investment of 41.5 billion and 7 infrastructure projects with an investment of 3.8 billion, laying the "first pile" for building a new manufacturing pilot area

rich core semiconductor is one of the first projects to break the old theoretical dilemma. It is also the second project that needs to be connected to 220 kV power supply in Fuyang at present, except for Hangzhou Huangshan high-speed railway. Considering that the 220 kV connection process takes a long time, Hangzhou Fuyang Power Supply Qingshan Paper industry actively responded by providing it with a transition scheme of 35 kV connection impact tester swing rod misalignment vertical marking, so as to promote the early production, early effectiveness and early power consumption of the project

in the past year, a number of high-tech manufacturing industrial projects such as chip manufacturing, photoelectric laser, robot manufacturing, "magnetic levitation +" have taken root in the land vacated by the paper industry, and multi industries led by high-tech industries are developing together

"in order to serve the industrial transformation and development well, we provide advance services for enterprises through the working mode of project reserve." Jia Lei of Qingshan Paper Co., Ltd. of power supply in Fuyang District, Hangzhou, introduced that the power supply department actively serves and intervenes in advance. With the concept of "gateway service moving forward", it sends the typical design of business expansion, standard test card collection, access scheme, etc. to users in advance in the project reserve stage, and informs users of the progress of each link on the line, answers users' various power handling problems, lays a solid foundation for infrastructure construction, and through the construction of green and smart electricity, Promote the overall transformation of local economic and social development

nowadays, beside the main road in Fuchun bay new city, the former paper-making enterprises are hard to find. According to the data provided by power supply Qingshan Paper Industry in Fuyang District, Hangzhou, China, it is estimated that the power consumption of the paper industry in Fuyang District in 2020 will only be one quarter of the peak period

"today's Fuyang is in the squat take-off stage, and only by squatting can it jump higher. The construction of a large number of new projects will lay the foundation for future development." Said a local leading cadre in Fuyang

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