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How to transform and upgrade China's machine tool industry

today, China's machine tool industry has made considerable progress in all aspects. Especially during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, despite the impact of the global financial crisis, the machine tool industry still maintained a rapid development, especially the rapid development of CNC machine tools. At the same time, the machine tool industry is also facing various puzzles, especially in China's medium and low-end machine tool market, there are too many manufacturers, the products are not well embroidered, and the price war in the market is fierce, the low-end market environment is intensified, and the external environment requires that China's machine tool industry urgently needs further transformation and upgrading to find its own path of healthy development

Xu Zhengshun, general manager of Siemens numerical control system, believes that China's machine tool industry has developed at a high speed and its scale has been greatly improved. However, the main problems it faces now are low overcapacity and insufficient high production capacity. The machine tool industry is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading. He believes that the reasons for this situation are:

First: some enterprises have excessive crescent shaped samples, which are unreasonable costs for cutting the samples in advance, It causes vicious price competition, poor enterprise benefits and limited profits, and makes the enterprise lose the ability to redevelop; Second: it pursues simplicity, convenience and ease of use too much. In the manufacturing process, the machine tool manufacturing is too standardized, and its process adaptability is not very good; Third: for a long time, a large number of numerical control systems have been used to explore and build an operation mechanism and system with enterprises as the main body, the combination of industry, University and research, the open combination of resources, and the sharing of achievements and interests. They are not open. They are easy to use, but they do not have the ability of secondary development. For a long time, people who design this kind of machine tools have lost the consciousness of secondary development, just as people use card machines and fool photography, People forget the relationship between aperture and speed. They can only record images, but not photographic works

President Xu believes that the current problem faced by China's manufacturing industry is a strategic trap in the development of the machine tool industry, a directional problem, and also a problem worthy of consideration by the machine tool industry

why is it a trap

after the rapid development of the market in the past few years, machine tool enterprises have indeed made great progress in scale, but their brand awareness has not been greatly improved. More importantly, many enterprises are ruthlessly positioned as suppliers of low-end products by the market, and have to face users' unreasonable requirements on price, performance and function, thinking that this is market demand, And I always feel that no matter what I do, it can't translate into the satisfaction of users in the market, and there are good things that can't sell at a price. They always mistakenly think that it is their duty to meet the market, and gradually lose a very important thing, the guiding power of enterprises to the market

the guiding power of enterprises to the market is a very important indicator of enterprises' future, especially sustainable development. From the perspective of market demand, China's processing and manufacturing industry is developing so fast, has our requirements for processing increased or decreased? The answer is obviously: improved. At present, more than 60% of the consumption of machine tools in China is occupied by imported and joint-venture products, and the remaining share of domestic enterprises is basically at the bottom. Chinese users do not have high demand, but they do not find domestic machine tool enterprises to solve when they have high demand. This is the problem we face. How to break the vicious circle chain and find a breakthrough point to solve the problem, It is indeed an aspect that needs our deep consideration

how should machine tool enterprises transform and upgrade

First: strengthen the construction of basic manufacturing management system. In short, it is to strengthen quality control and establish a more perfect and independent quality monitoring system to solve what problems? For example, there are no so-called technical obstacles in standard turning and milling, so the thing to do is to do well in these machine tools and improve the quality, so as to make the machine tool industry take a big step forward

second: the core content of industrial upgrading is intelligent manufacturing. The so-called intelligent manufacturing means that in addition to completing direct processing tasks, CNC Machine Tools pay more attention to the adaptability of product process, which can adapt to the processing characteristics of different industries and different product characteristics, system equipment, production management, processing management, equipment maintainability, customized painting, network processing, communication capabilities, and even system safety functions. These are essential for intelligent manufacturing. Interestingly, these all have the same requirement for openness of CNC system! Only in an open system can users have the opportunity to integrate all kinds of the latest ideas and ideas into the design and manufacturing of machine tools. This is what the so-called simple and convenient system does not have. It can be used without opening the CNC system or standard CNC system, which can be connected online and powered on

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