How to transform paint enterprises in the new era

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How to transform paint enterprises in the new era of furniture industry

in recent years, from the increasingly severe "haze war", to the strictest environmental protection law in history, and then to the restrictions on the sales and use of solvent based coatings first implemented in Shenzhen, the presentation of a series of problems and the introduction of policies have released a strong signal: when environmental protection has become the main theme of today, the revolutionary storm of "oil to water" has also struck strongly. Environmental protection, health and green are becoming the key direction of the development of contemporary coating enterprises and even the entire upstream and downstream industrial chain. Under the high-intensity environmental protection policy, it is imperative not only for coating enterprises to develop environment-friendly coatings, but also for the related upstream and downstream enterprises to actively transform, especially for the furniture industry

environmental protection has become the main theme of the furniture industry's "oil to water" process. Almost all vegetable markets use such bags to accelerate.

on July 1, 2016, Beijing began to implement the "emission standard of air pollutants for wood furniture manufacturing industry", which is called the "strictest environmental protection standard" for the furniture manufacturing industry. In addition to the requirements for the emission concentration limit of air pollutants in the production process of the wood furniture manufacturing industry, The most prominent point is the provision for the full use of water-based paint in 2017. The whole life cycle of water-based coatings from raw material source to production and use is conducive to the healthy development of the environment

from September 1, 2017, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei have uniformly implemented environmental protection standards for architectural coatings, limiting the use of volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as paints and adhesives

the Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision issued the Shanghai local pollutant emission standard, the emission standard of air pollutants for furniture manufacturing industry. The standard also makes detailed provisions on the emission of air pollutants, especially VOCs, from the furniture manufacturing industry. The standard has been officially implemented since July 1st, 2017

on February 7, 2017, Guangdong Province issued the 13th five year plan for energy conservation and emission reduction in Guangdong Province, which stipulates that water-based or low volatile building coatings, wood paints and adhesives that meet environmental requirements should be promoted in the building decoration industry. Establish a government green procurement system for paint products, giving priority to water-based or low volatile products

the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Technical specification "limits of harmful substances in finished furniture and raw and auxiliary materials", one of the "Shenzhen standards" (furniture), has been reviewed and approved by the Shenzhen Municipal People's government for implementation, and has been officially implemented since January 1, 2017. From May 1st, 2017, the new standard completely prohibits the use of solvent based coatings and solvent based adhesives in Shenzhen

on June 30, 2017, Shandong Province issued the "comprehensive work plan for energy conservation and emission reduction in the 13th five year plan" of Shandong Province. The plan proposes to accelerate the treatment of volatile organic compounds, carry out the special action of "leakage detection and repair" in the petrochemical and organic chemical industry, and complete the recovery and treatment of oil and gas in gas stations, oil depots and oil tank trucks; The coating industry will implement coating substitution with low volatile organic content, coating process and equipment improvement, and build volatile organic compounds collection and treatment facilities; The printing industry has comprehensively carried out the replacement of raw and auxiliary materials with low volatile organic compounds and improved production processes. We will strengthen the management of unorganized emissions from industrial enterprises and comprehensively rectify dust pollution. Revise the comprehensive emission standards of water pollutants in Shandong Province, the emission standards of air pollutants in key industries, and the comprehensive emission standards of regional air pollutants, and organize the preparation of the comprehensive emission standards of volatile organic compounds and the emission standards of organic chemical industry, surface coating and other industries

In the same period, Xi'an, Shijiazhuang, Nanjing, Wuhan and other places also took action

at the same time, as the world's largest furniture production base, China's export furniture accounts for an important proportion. With the introduction of relevant laws and regulations in EU and other countries that restrict and prohibit the use of solvent based wood coatings, coupled with the deepening of environmental protection concepts and the continuous improvement of technology, solvent based coatings will inevitably be gradually replaced by more environmentally friendly and healthy products, and water-based coatings will become one of the most popular products

some people in the paint industry predict that "China will become an important engine for the growth of the water-based paint market, and there will be at least 10 times more alternative growth space for domestic water-based paint in the future."

new opportunities in the furniture industry, the proportion of environmental friendly coatings is more than 75%

furniture enterprises in the era of reshuffle are facing the new consumption upgrading wave, the tightening of national environmental protection policies and other environmental constraints, and today's furniture industry has long been covered with gunsmoke

in the "survey on the application status of paint in Chinese furniture enterprises" launched in August 2017, the data showed that 63% of furniture enterprises believed that fierce market competition was the biggest difficulty faced by enterprises. In order to meet the purchase intention of consumers, nearly 2/3 of the interviewed large and medium-sized furniture enterprises have transferred more than 50% of their production business to the medium and high-end furniture market

upgrading to the medium and high-end furniture market means that furniture enterprises should upgrade to international original design in design, upgrade to rare and high-end wood in material selection, and transform to two-component water-based coating with higher performance and high environmental protection in coating

as the vice president of the China Furniture Industry Association said, "when the dual pressure of consumption upgrading and environmental protection policies comes, the transformation of Chinese furniture enterprises is imminent and has to be launched. But just the relocation of production lines cannot solve the problem of enterprise development."

according to the survey on the current situation of paint application in Chinese furniture enterprises, two thirds of large and medium-sized furniture enterprises have shifted their focus to the medium and high-end market in order to obtain greater market space

in the fierce market competition, the share of the middle and low-end furniture market is shrinking, and furniture enterprises must transform to the middle and high-end market. This is a systematic project, including management, product image, environmental protection standards, etc., which are higher than the middle and low-end market. This has also brought new business opportunities for furniture enterprises. Some leading furniture enterprises have switched to environmentally friendly materials to create a high-quality brand image and quickly seize market opportunities

the survey shows that more than 80% of the furniture manufacturers surveyed have begun to use more environmentally friendly high-quality raw and auxiliary materials. In the upgrading of environmental protection materials, due to the particularity of the appearance and structure of solid wood furniture, the requirements for coating technology are also higher, so new environmental protection coatings with high performance and high quality are needed. At present, according to the survey, 95% of the surveyed enterprises have used environmental friendly coatings, of which the proportion of using environmental friendly coatings has reached more than 75%

among them, the two-component water-based paint, which takes into account environmental protection and performance, has been widely used by a number of leading domestic furniture enterprises and recognized by consumers. Among the environmental protection coatings used by the surveyed furniture enterprises, the use proportion of two-component water-based paint is the highest, and 42% of the enterprises regard two-component water-based paint as the preferred choice of environmental protection coating technology for medium and high-end solid wood furniture

low odor, high hardness, scratch resistance, yellowing resistance, stain resistance and high fullness are the main reasons why furniture enterprises choose two-component water-based paint. Especially for solid wood furniture, due to the particularity of its appearance design and material selection, the requirements for coating technology are also higher, especially the need for new high-performance environmental protection coatings such as two-component waterborne paint. In actual sales, as consumers are generally willing to pay for products with better appearance and performance, furniture enterprises will also tend to popularize the advantages of high-performance environmental friendly coatings in quality, performance and appearance to consumers

in addition, the survey report also shows that the proportion of environmentally friendly coatings is expected to further increase in the next few years. Nearly 3/4 of the surveyed enterprises have made it clear that they will further increase the proportion of environmentally friendly coatings. Among them, they tend to choose two-component water-based paint

in sharp contrast to the market, the application of water-based paint in developed markets such as Europe and the United States has been relatively mature. However, the water-based furniture paint market in the domestic furniture industry as a whole still accounts for less than 10%. Some insiders said that through the joint efforts of the whole industrial chain, some leading domestic furniture enterprises have actively transformed, and adjusted the proportion of medium and high-end products by upgrading and using high-performance two-component water-based coating, so as to enhance the competitiveness of brand products in the market

he also added that it is expected that the growth rate of waterborne furniture coatings in the Chinese market will be higher than 20% during the year

it is worth noting that in the process of furniture enterprises promoting high-performance environmental protection water-based coating, the category of children's furniture is particularly strong. With the full liberalization of the two-child policy, the domestic furniture market for young people and children has ushered in a new round of opportunities for vigorous development. When choosing children's furniture, more and more parents realize that paint has greatly affected the environmental protection and safety of children's furniture. Children's furniture enterprises, which are sensitive to the market, have taken the lead in using water-based coatings in a high proportion to create a healthy and safe brand image

"oil to water" storm promotes the in-depth cooperation between the coating industry and the furniture industry

in recent years, the voice of the integration of coating and painting has become increasingly louder. Especially in the context of the environmental protection transformation of "oil to water", furniture enterprises are facing not only the replacement of coatings, but also the replacement of equipment and the adjustment of technological processes. In this process, on the one hand, it requires high capital investment and the increase of coating costs. On the other hand, due to lack of experience, furniture enterprises inevitably worry about the effect of the adjusted paint film. Therefore, most furniture enterprises are still in a wait-and-see attitude, waiting for their peers to follow up after the reform

in the face of this situation, many large coating enterprises have actively invested in the actual work process of "oil to water" and carried out in-depth cooperation with furniture enterprises. From the commissioning of product formula to the selection of installation equipment when coating machinery manufacturing, it is necessary to understand the materials clearly first. Through repeated retests against the impact of national security, it will be fatal, and finally form an overall solution of "oil to water". For example, China Resources, zhanchen, sankeshu, garberry, Huilong, Clivia, Dabao, bards, Baichuan and other enterprises have made good achievements in the process of "oil to water" and played an exemplary role in the industry

it is reported that zhanchen coating is an enterprise that has done a good job in "oil to water" in the coating industry at present. It has successively invested nearly 20million yuan in the imported equipment of reciprocating coating and spraying line and electrostatic coating and spraying line. With the project team responsibility system as the management mode, it has carried out in-depth cooperation with furniture enterprises. It is understood that zhanchen coating has completed the comprehensive "oil to water" transformation for Qumei, Magnolia and other furniture enterprises, It has comprehensively promoted the technological transformation of "oil to water" for the furniture industry and created a model of "oil to water"

as the first enterprise in Guangdong Province to invest in the R & D and production of water-based Wood Coatings on a large scale, Jiabaoli chemical has received 12million yuan of support funds for the R & D project of water-based Wood Coatings in Guangdong Province. It has cooperated with South China University of technology to achieve major achievements in the R & D of water-based wood coatings, and actively promoted the actual process of "changing oil to water". It is understood that garberry has promoted "oil to water" from many aspects: first, the combination of microwave infrared coupling drying and water-based electrostatic robot spraying has been purchased to improve the work efficiency by more than 50% and the paint utilization rate by more than 50%, so as to improve the product quality and reduce the cost; Second, improve a variety of construction process supporting facilities, such as using all water-based process for open effect and UV bottom water-based surface process for full sealing effect, which not only saves paint and time, but also ensures the effect and quality; Third, for different furniture enterprises

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