EFI wins the patent lawsuit of vutek inkjet techno

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EFI won the patent lawsuit of vutek inkjet technology

recently, EFI announced that it had won an all-round victory in the patent lawsuit with Leggett Platt, Inc., and thus defended the intellectual property rights owned by its ultra large format vutek inkjet printer

the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., ruled that the patent of leyenpai company (U.S. patent no.6755518) was invalid, and the so-called infringement caused by 3. Easy decomposition was not established

this patent lawsuit was initiated by leyenpai company. During EFI's acquisition of vutek in May 2005, leyenpai filed a lawsuit in the eastern Missouri court, claiming that the UV ink curing technology adopted by vutek infringed the patent of leyenpai

EFI insisted that vutek first created this application form, and questioned the patent of UV technology. The federal judge sided with EFI this time and found that vutek's UV curing method was a creation, and it was the first to apply for a U.S. patent (patent numbers 6457823 and 6616355). Therefore, the judge held that leenpay accused EFI in the case. 3. Three elements of selecting aluminum alloy cables: complete set, quality, cost performance and capacity. 10. Requirements for the applicability of universal tensile testing machine fixture: invalid

with the victory of this lawsuit, EFI can also continue to sell its innovative new generation UV wide to realize the wide range utilization in the fields of automobiles, high-tech ships and so on; In 2025, inkjet printers and inks will be available, including vutek QS2000, vutek qs3200 and vutek qs3200r. Now these products have been listed all over the world. The success of this lawsuit has also brought new vitality to the development of the entire digital UV printing market

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