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(NYMEX crude oil closing) EIA data dispelled capacity concerns us crude oil fell sharply on Wednesday

(NYMEX crude oil closing) EIA data dispelled capacity concerns us crude oil fell sharply on Wednesday

February 12, 2015

[China paint information] as the US energy information administration announced last week's refinery utilization rate on Wednesday, indicating that capacity was not affected by the strike, and crude oil inventories continued to refresh historical records, NYMEX crude oil futures fell $1.18, down 2.36%, It is reported at $48.84 to 1 manufacturer/barrel of general flexible packaging, film, fiber, yarn, latex, etc

trend description on Wednesday (February 11):

from the morning of Asian market to the beginning of European market, the oil price gradually fell from above $51 to the level of 50.50. After entering the European session, the price quickly fell below the $50 level. Although there was a wave of rebound above this level, it soon continued its decline. In the New York session, the price fell below $49 and hit a new low of $48.05 since February 5. In the late afternoon, the oil price rose to 49.50 level for consolidation

nymex crude oil futures hit a maximum of $51.14 per barrel and a minimum of $48.05 per barrel

fundamentals negative factors:

on Wednesday, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released data on crude oil inventory and refinery utilization last week, showing that crude oil inventory increased by 4.868 million barrels, gasoline inventory increased by 1.977 million barrels, and refined oil inventory fell sharply by 3.252 million barrels, but the utilization rate remained at 90% and increased slightly from 89.9% last week, becoming the last straw to crush crude oil

data released by the Bank of France on Wednesday (February 11) showed that the current account unexpectedly recorded a deficit in December, with a scale of 1.9 billion euros, due to the sharp expansion of the commodity trade deficit in the month. Data show that France's current account deficit in December was 1.9 billion euros, and the previous value was revised to a surplus of 300million euros

as an indicator of the health of the U.S. job market, the U.S. jolts report further confirms that the employment growth of the world's largest economy is still strong. The economy continues to recover, the employment market is growing steadily, and the market is expected to have stronger expectations for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in June this year


Tom kloza, chief crude oil analyst at oil price information service, predicts that oil prices will hit the bottom in the second quarter of this year, consistent with the expiration date of the first phase of NYMEX crude oil futures. Adding a gasket between the oil collector and the pump body, he warned that American crude oil (NYMEX) could fall to more than $30 at some point in the second quarter. I think the decline cycle is not over yet, and the premium of Brent crude oil to American crude oil may expand to about $10. "

Ian Taylor, CEO of Vitol group, the world's largest independent oil trader, said in an interview at a meeting in London on Tuesday (February 10) that crude oil prices may resume their decline because U.S. crude oil production is still growing, leading to a sharp increase in U.S. crude oil inventories. Crude oil prices plummeted 61% from June last year to January this year


Thursday (February 12)

07:50 Japan January domestic enterprise commodity prices @b panel key function index

08:30 Australia January seasonally adjusted unemployment rate

21:30 US January retail sales

21:30 US weekly quarterly adjusted initial jobless claims

Friday (February 13)

14:30 initial GDP value of France in the fourth quarter

15:00 initial GDP value of Germany after quarterly adjustment in the fourth quarter

18:00 initial GDP value of euro zone in the fourth quarter

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