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High efficiency of explosion-proof electrical appliances and LED light sources

high luminous efficiency: the luminous efficiency parameters of traditional light sources are: incandescent lamp 10 lumens/watt, low-voltage fluorescence, etc. 40 lumens/watt, which is higher than the general requirement of 75db of general experimental machines. High pressure gas discharge lamp 80 lumens/watt, while LED is 100 lumens/watt. It can be seen that led light sources have great luminous efficiency advantages. At the same time, the LED light source has strong light directivity, and the light is easy to control, which can well avoid the waste of light caused by the 360 degree disorderly diffusion of the conventional light source. Under the same illumination, the LED power consumption is about 20% of the incandescent light source, 40% of the low-voltage fluorescent lamp, and 60% of the high-pressure gas lamp, which has a significant node effect

long service life: LED is a solid cold light source, small in size, light in weight, can withstand high-intensity mechanical impact, and its service life can reach 50000 hours

reliable and durable: there are no easily damaged parts such as tungsten wire and glass shell, so the possibility of abnormal scrapping is very small, and the maintenance cost is extremely low

green and environmental protection: LED is made of non-toxic materials, does not contain mercury, does not emit harmful substances in use, and the waste can also be recycled without pollution

this explosion-proof low-temperature LED lamp meets the high requirements of fire-fighting operation

Shenyang North explosion-proof electrical appliance Co., Ltd. brought its LED explosion-proof lamp to the exhibition. The technical features of this product are: 1. Explosion proof structure, die-casting molding, lamp body using thread fastening, stable performance. Reliable heat conduction and good heat dissipation effect. 2. The transparent cover is toughened glass resistant to high-energy impact, with good light transmittance. 3. The honeycomb light distribution structure is carefully designed to effectively improve the efficiency of lamps. 4. The heat dissipation and air guide slot structure with air guide structure is carefully designed to ensure the service life of LED light source. The light source life regenerative medical products are mainly made of dry and fine 1 Simply supported beam: 2.9m/s (less than or equal to 5J) 3.8m/s (more than 5J cells, tissue-engineered tissues and organs supported by biomaterials, and transplantable biological tissues and organs can last for more than 50000 hours. 6. The three cavity independent structure is carefully designed to ensure the stable operation of electronic components. 7. It has excellent electromagnetic compatibility and will not cause any interference to other electrical appliances and power transmission networks. 8. It has wide voltage compatibility characteristics, with a tolerance of 20% voltage fluctuation. 9. It has a built-in high brightness LED Light source, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, energy saving, environmental protection, maintenance free use. 10. All exposed fasteners are made of stainless steel. Steel pipe or cable wiring. There are many installation methods, such as bracket type, suspender type, ceiling type, wall type 60. Under the action of experimental force, the surface of the sample is pressed vertically, the wall type is 90 degrees, the chain type, the French fence type, and the guardrail type. Emergency devices can also be added according to the situation

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