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Chinese enterprises wandering in confusion EHR

the human resource management mode based on it software EHR (electronic informatization of human resource management) tempts every enterprise eager to stand out in the fierce competition. However, how many enterprises can really implement the dream of EHR

with the rapid development of information technology and the increasingly fierce market competition in China, managers are increasingly aware of the importance of speed to enterprises. Many human resource managers are surprised that they have been bound by various complicated routines

EHR (electronic informatization of human resource management), an electronic solution specifically for human resource management, came into being. The implementation of EHR not only enables HR personnel to have more time and energy for strategic thinking, but also builds a standardized, standardized and networked work platform to connect different roles in the ecological chain of human resource management, so as to truly realize the "comprehensive human resource management" of the enterprise

based on some experience and experience in providing HR consulting services, the author believes that in the current realistic environment, there are four development bottlenecks that need to be broken through in the EHR process of Chinese Enterprises:

the lack of awareness of senior executives

in these years of rapid economic development in China, the training of human resource management in enterprises is mainly concentrated on professional human resource managers, ignoring the relevant training of CEOs, Many CEOs lack both rational and perceptual knowledge of human resource management. For most CEOs, among the many business elements (capital, technology, market, talents, etc.) of the enterprise, human resources is the most vague concept. They often regard human resources as a kind of unavoidable cost, and do not really raise the management of human resources to a significant strategic height. Therefore, the HR Department of an enterprise should first make CEOs aware of the importance of human resource management and make them become the initiator of human resource management needs

resistance from within the HR department

resistance from within the enterprise HR department is mainly manifested in two aspects: first, the lack of basic theories and capabilities of HR personnel, which is common in many enterprises in China. In general, precision equipment such as tensile testing machines and digital 3D coordinate measuring equipment are still in short supply in China. The human resource management of many enterprises is still in the stage of personnel management, and it is impossible to carry out strategic human resource planning for the long-term development of enterprises. Second, some HR personnel suffer from phobia about new technologies and are neither familiar with nor willing to learn new technologies. After the successful implementation of EHR in an enterprise, many traditional transactional tasks and the commissioning and running in of the production line can be handled quickly through the electronic information system, which will inevitably change the workflow and mode that HR personnel are used to, and they will undertake more creative work. In the past, only the HR department itself may know how much data it has and the accuracy of the data, but after adopting EHR, all the information will be exposed to the enterprise leadership and personnel of relevant departments, which will put pressure on the HR department. The lack of ability and selfishness make some HR personnel passively look for various excuses not to promote the EHR process of the enterprise

the overall level of enterprise informatization is unbalanced

the overall level of enterprise informatization is also a key factor in deciding whether to introduce EHR. After several ups and downs of ERP, CRM, SCM and various financial software, many enterprises have more or less a certain information work platform, but their products have very distinctive operating levels, which are mixed. Therefore, when starting EHR work, enterprises should start from the actual situation of the enterprise, and fully consider the original electronic hardware platform foundation of the enterprise, as well as the construction level of the original financial, logistics, business and other information systems. Only enterprises with a high degree of informatization are more suitable to introduce EHR work platform, and can also enjoy the convenience brought by informatization. Even if an enterprise has a good foundation of information platform, when choosing EHR system, it should avoid being greedy for perfection and fashion, and be sure to accurately position itself and tailor it to its own needs

professional "external brain" is not "professional"

at present, few experts and scholars in China can deeply study how to effectively realize the informatization of human resource management; In reality, few businesses and enterprises can really understand how to be effective. China's market economic system construction is still in the stage of adjustment and improvement. At present, some professional human resources service institutions only regard enterprise HR services as a short and fast business means, and mechanically transplant foreign management technology to domestic enterprises. Most domestic EHR r r & D personnel only understand system development and information technology, and few projects that really understand management or human resource management require funds from their own funds and bank loans; Professional management consulting companies, which are familiar with the essence of human resource management, lack technical talents in information technology to a certain extent. The seamless connection between management and software technology, and the effective connection between human resource management and informatization are the keys to the successful realization of EHR in Chinese enterprises

last year, when a large tobacco group eagerly invited bids from software companies to realize EHR, the project suddenly stopped. It turned out that in the process of negotiating the cooperation intention, both parties found that only after the enterprise has established the modern human resource management concept and system, the implementation of human resource management informatization will come naturally. EHR software companies alone simply cannot fundamentally improve the level of human resource management. The bid inviter has to start from scratch

Chinese enterprise EHR, "confusion" is far from that. Facing the "temptation", we have a strong feeling: the current human resource management of Chinese enterprises is generally so "rule by man", backward, extensive and uneven development. To some extent, for most Chinese enterprises that are still in the stage of personnel management, talking about "human resource management" is still an extravagant hope. How can we blindly and simply pursue EHR? (end)

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