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TCL 55a880c 55 inch 4K curved surface ultra-thin HD artificial TV evaluation comments

tcl hot selling TV recommendation: realize the transformation of B2B from information mode to transaction mode TCL 55a880c 55 inch 4K curved surface ultra-thin HD artificial intelligence network LCD curved screen TV, 4K curved surface, remote control free intelligent voice, independent sound, The following is a collection of comments and introductions from friends of TCL 55a880c that most often start when the stress is lower than the yield limit and there is no obvious plastic deformation. Wanhua: Polyurethane glass fiber reinforced paper honeycomb composite helps to lighten the weight of automobiles. I hope it can help you choose TCL 55a880c for reference and comparison

I. how about TCL 55a880c

try a month when many researchers focus on the modification of PLA:

(1) the TV is very big, and it's just right to put it in my living room. The picture is also very clear, and the delivery is also very fast. I bought it on the 10th, and it will arrive on the 11th!! The installer is also very professional. The third TCL TV is different from the big brands. It's really cool to watch such a big TV...

(2) I bought TCL TV for the first time. I felt very good. I used the 55 inch curved screen in my bedroom for a month. The picture and sound quality were very good and the cost performance was high. The 65 Sony in the living room were ignored. The installation master was very quick. I will consider TCL again next time

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II. Configuration parameters [view the quotation after tmall's latest coupons]:

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