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Stick shaped cosmetic container

patent name stick shaped cosmetic container patent applicant Co., Ltd. Takashi main applicant address: Tokyo dufa F, Japan: high reliability for long-term use Kurihara; Nakamura Sancheng; Iwasaki once; Now there are many people in other places; Open the barren well; Okada Chenghong application (patent) No 0 application date: June 26, 2003 certification date: Approval Announcement No. approval announcement date: September 21, 2005 instruction CD No.: d0538 main classification No.: a45d40/04 classification No.: a45d40/04 division original application No.: priority item 2002.7.29 JP PC predicts that the domestic coke market will continue to operate safely in the near future. T/jp02/07670 Abstract a rod-shaped cosmetic oil container, including an outer tube, a sleeve, and an inner dish that can fill the rod-shaped cosmetic oil, One of the small protrusions arranged on the inner dish is guided by an inner dish guide groove. The inner dish guide groove is arranged in the sleeve and moves vertically through the spiral groove. The spiral groove is cut in the inner surface of the outer tube to extend or shrink the cosmetic oil paint filled in the inner dish. It is characterized in that: our technicians will open the lower part of the inner dish guide groove arranged in the sleeve one by one, And a small protrusion retaining mechanism are installed at the lower part of the guide groove of the inner dish. Therefore, the rod-shaped cosmetic containers used for cosmetics, such as lipstick, lipstick, cosmetics for cover, skin whitening stick, sunscreen stick, etc. can be repackaged or replaced with a simple fixture, and there is no problem that the inner dish falls off during use. Sovereignty item 1 The utility model relates to a rod-shaped cosmetic container, which comprises an outer cylinder; A sleeve; An internal container in which a rod-shaped cosmetic can be filled; A small protrusion, the small protrusion is arranged on the inner container and guided by the inner container guide groove formed on the sleeve, the small protrusion moves upward and downward along a spiral groove formed on the inner surface of the outer cylinder, and the rod-shaped cosmetic filled in the inner container is opposite to the removal method: extending and contracting, which is characterized in that: the lower end of the inner container guide groove formed on the sleeve is opened, And a holding mechanism for small protrusions is arranged at the lower part of the guide groove of the internal container. International application pct/jp2003/008082 2003.6.26 international publication wo2004/010820 date of entry into the country 2004.2.5 patent agency China Patent Agency (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. address agent cuiyouping; Yangsongling

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