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Stora Enso plans to increase the production capacity of Swedish pulp mill

stora ENSO plans to expand the production capacity of Swedish skutskar pulp mill. Their goal is to increase the pulp production capacity of the mill from 550000 tons/year to 580000 tons/year within three years

skutskar pulp factory has an annual output of 230000 tons of fluff pulp, 160000 tons of bleached hardwood pulp and 160000 tons of bleached softwood pulp

at present, the company is considering the funding source of the scheme, and it is possible to conduct a feasibility study on the project again. Of course, five finishing production lines need to be approved by the relevant management departments

stora ENSO initially calculated that it was difficult to increase the production capacity to 720000 tons/year in line with the actual situation, but the plan was changed due to cost and environmental factors

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