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Stacker/stacker operation

about waste and demand

generally, people in the industry who care about the finished printing products hope not to generate too much waste during stacking. They hope to collect each qualified printing sheet on the stacker, which can be used for subsequent processes

recently, Kolbus introduced a civiemme CS 350 compensated stacker. The speed of CS 350 compensated stacker can reach 100000cph, which is characterized by low maintenance cost and accessible to all parts of the machine. Using the steering door on the machine, the waste paper can be easily transferred. The unique synchronous vibration paper bumping device ensures the alignment of the paper

to ensure the safety of operators and maintenance personnel is an important responsibility of equipment manufacturers and printers. Operators and maintenance personnel often ignore or even violate various safety regulations. The alarm has sounded. People should pay enough attention to their own and physical safety, but from another point of view, not paying attention to safety will add extra costs to manufacturers and printers

manufacturers always expect to improve the safety performance of products from the perspective of design and technology; Printing houses are also constantly updating their machines and improving their security plans. At the same time, severe punishment shall be given to operators and maintenance personnel for non-standard operation, otherwise the best safe operation will not be guaranteed

advance printing equipment (age) of the United States has launched a new high stacking stacker, which can receive one or four paper streams from the web cutter or rotary cutter, and stack them neatly and vertically, with a maximum height of 40 inches. In addition, age company has also introduced a new hybrid web paper cutter, which has bleeding cross cutting edge removal and is suitable for the cutting of finished products, and is stacked to a higher stacking height

in machinery manufacturing, people hope to recover the investment cost quickly and minimize the consumption of human resources in the process of operation and processing. In addition, people also hope that the equipment they purchase can have very low maintenance cost and easy access to spare parts

rima's new product is RS 36 paper stacking equipment, which combines some features of RS 50 and RS 32. The RS 36 model is characterized by a short paper feeding mechanism, which can greatly save the floor area of the equipment. It also has an improved anti roll roll roll, a convenient operation interface, a simple mechanism setting and a minimum of movable units

in addition, Rima also provided a palletizing and stacking solution to the users that the experimental machine adopts a frame structure. It is controlled by RS 700 rack type remote control equipment and has three different designs: four wire, six wire and eight wire. It can collect and stack from four, six and eight pallets as required. RS 410 equipment is smaller than RS 700, but it can provide faster processing speed

Mr. John St., President of systems technology (STI), said that a primary factor affecting the processing and production of stacker and stacker is the new production capacity

he pointed out that the demand for post press auxiliary equipment in the printing press market has become more and more urgent. Although the price pressure has restrained most printing plants, all manufacturers are looking for machines with high automation and requiring the least operators. This is equivalent to reducing the cost of daily maintenance and operator management of the printing press

considering the needs of these aspects in the market, STI company launched Gunze SV automatic stacker baler. It adopts the equipment imported from Japan to provide a full set of control over the binding quantity. It can automatically record the settings of the first 100 operations, and has a database and a fully integrated automatic shutdown function. When the printing machine is cleaning and jointing the blanket, it can automatically stop processing. This SV machine can process 24 inch to 48 Inch bundles

in addition, STI also produces 195a equipment, which is a product upgraded from the traditional low-level a-Si panel to FHD and HD high-level panel automatic and vertical paper stacking and bundling machine. It is equipped with a transfer door for bad operations. In addition, it also has a vibrating paper Collider, a crusher, a pattern paper Collider and a removal mechanism

the leading 119bc stacker from roskam was originally designed as a manual equipment, but now it has been upgraded to a fully automatic, machine stacking unit system. This stacker provides versatility and great flexibility to adapt to a variety of job streams, from small offset printing jobs to the largest variety of mixed gravure printing

as an equipment manufacturer, trying to reduce the danger of operators and maintenance personnel is an important weight for them to win the competition. The printing plant and operators also have their own judgment on whether the printing machine is in safe operation, so as to minimize the occurrence of accidents

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