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Sunflower pilot: remote assistance to solve the problem of intelligent call center system deployment and debugging

in the Internet era, the development of business is often accompanied by more communication. How to build an effective customer service channel directly to customers has become a difficult problem for many enterprises with a certain scale

from the perspective of enterprises, with the increasing demand for customer service, the traditional customer service has been gradually replaced by customers due to certain disadvantages in efficiency and cost. In addition to the cost factor, compared with the traditional call center, the intelligent call center system carrying customer service is more convenient in operation and data storage, and can improve the level of internal cooperation and management

from the point of view of the system itself, the intelligent call center system has high requirements for the stability and expansibility of the system. It is a relatively complex system, and its construction and deployment process often need to enter the test state at the same time to provide timely technical support. As an intelligent call center system service provider, an enterprise is very clear about the problems that may be encountered during the deployment and implementation of the system, so they decided to improve the corresponding business processes to improve the quality of system deployment, commissioning, trial operation and after-sales service

remote assistance to improve business processes

relevant personnel of the enterprise told the author that the most prominent link in our improvement of business processes is the introduction of remote technical support

as the most important part of this business model improvement, the enterprise decided to introduce a stable, fast and safe remote control solution to solve the technical problems in the deployment, commissioning, trial operation and after-sales process of the intelligent call center system through remote control. Compared with the traditional scheme of sending staff on site, the remote scheme can save labor costs and improve efficiency

introduce cost-effective domestic remote control solutions

after investigating many enterprise oriented remote control solutions in the market, the enterprise finally decided to adopt the "sunflower pilot seat" solution launched by sunflower remote control, a brand that is in the leading position in the domestic remote control field (hereinafter referred to as the pilot solution)

compared with the 8 other similar schemes on the market, the pilot scheme has a very comprehensive function coverage. For example, technical staff can use the green installation free function, which does not need to install the client at the controlled end during remote assistance, and will not leave software residue after remote control, so as to meet the compliance requirements of the intelligent call center system while improving efficiency

green version installation free

for example, it is often necessary to operate multiple devices at the same time during system deployment and commissioning. At this time, the pilot scheme will become a new function. The one to many functions carried by new materials can meet the needs, allowing technicians to remotely operate multiple devices at the same time to complete work tasks

in terms of remote experience, the privileged enterprise channel carried by the pilot scheme enables each remote control to have a high-speed and smooth experience, making the remote deployment and debugging of the system more efficient

the function coverage of the pilot scheme is very comprehensive, which meets our needs. This is one of the reasons why we choose this scheme. The other reason is that the price of the pilot scheme is very competitive under these functions. According to relevant sources of the enterprise, cost performance is an important judgment factor in the process of scheme selection

the unit price of similar solutions in the market is generally about 1500 yuan, while the unit price of the pilot solution with more comprehensive function coverage is less than 1000 yuan. This kind of cost performance is very competitive

pilot scheme officer page

agent ID system enabling business management

in addition to the advantages of function and price, the pilot scheme also enables the company's business in terms of management

first of all, the unique agent ID system of the pilot scheme is very suitable for unified and efficient management of remote assistance processes. It supports multiple agent IDS under one master account. Each agent ID has an independent login path. The enterprise assigns different agent IDs to multiple technical teams, avoiding the management difficulties caused by mixed accounts and the embarrassment of unclear rights and responsibilities

for the front-line technicians, they can mark the equipment in front through the identification code remarks and the star mark function, which is more convenient when they need to make a remote connection again, and establish a list of key customers/equipment according to the star Mark customer list, which is helpful to further optimize the business process

identification code remarks

for team managers, they can directly master the working status of the seat ID under their jurisdiction through the sunflower management background, or trace the specific remote control process through the screen recording function, so as to master the specific work status of front-line personnel, and then adjust the business process in time to achieve flexible and efficient management

screen recording traceability function

the pilot scheme is also very helpful to us in management. Originally, we expected that it would be difficult to trace and manage the effect through deployment and debugging through remote control, but these functions of the pilot scheme completely eliminate our concerns, so that we can easily formulate the correct strategic direction, and the overall management is more convenient. The relevant person of the enterprise said

summary: remote control creates more value

the deployment and debugging of intelligent call center system has certain particularity in the industry, but the enterprise can greatly optimize the business process and improve the real-time business efficiency through the introduction of remote control solutions, which has certain universality. We can see the value and potential of an excellent remote control solution

as a representative of domestic remote control software, we have reason to believe that sunflower and its various industry programs will continue to shine in various industries and create great value for business development

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