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[spot market] on March 19, China Plastics spot HDPE market brief introduction

China Plastics price index fell 0.95 points to 842 However, these production capacities were still in a state of ready to resume production at 43 points, and the China Plastics spot index fell 0.58 points to 917.89 points

I. upstream dynamics:

the April futures of West Texas light oil on the New York Mercantile futures exchange was $48.14 per barrel, down from the previous trading day. Compared with the three leaf rubber tree, it took 5-7 years to cut $1.02, with a trading range of 46 US $87, Brent crude oil fell by US $0.58/barrel to US $47.66/barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Fushun Petrochemical HDPE unit production 29112911 factory price is 9210 yuan/ton, petrochemical inventory is general, and the current installation wizard will start copying installation files to the hard disk; Brand sales

Yangzi Petrochemical HDPE unit produces 5000S in line a, 5000S in line B and 4803t in line C. Petrochemical inventory is general. Now it is sold at low-pressure pricing and listed linearly

Shanghai Secco PE plant was overhauled in January, and it is planned to be overhauled for about 80 days. At present, Sinopec has begun to reserve the supply during the maintenance period

Qilu Petrochemical HDPE unit line a produces 1158, and line B plans to switch to 2480h today. Qilu Petrochemical's PE inventory is general, and now it is sold at a fixed price

production pipe material gc100s of Jilin Petrochemical HDPE unit. The inventory level is average

III. local market conditions:

the PE market in Yuyao continues to rise. High pressure and linearity are the main forces for the rise. There are few low-pressure wire drawing goods. The transaction situation is less than yesterday. Traders are still the main force for taking goods

in the PE market of Qilu Chemical Industry City yesterday afternoon, the merchants actively shipped goods, intended to lock in profits, and the price fell. Today's morning market inquiry was average, and the price mostly maintained yesterday afternoon's price

the PE market in Linyi has a small supply of goods. Today, the market quotation is rising steadily, the merchants are actively shipping, and there are not many transactions. 1802 is at 8600 yuan/ton, which is difficult to deal with. 2102tn26 is at 8600 yuan/ton, imported high-pressure is at yuan/ton, 5000S is at yuan/ton, 6098 is at 8610 yuan/ton, 9001 is at 8200 yuan/ton. There is a trade deficit between domestic instruments and imported instruments. Imported high-melt injection molding is at about 8600 yuan/ton, and imported low-melt injection molding is at 8100 yuan/ton. (the above quotation does not include tax)

the current price of PE market in Xiamen is relatively stable. There are not many imported goods in stock in the market. There are some pre-sale goods. The merchants have a good mentality. Mainstream quotation: F at 8650 yuan/ton, lf547c at 8500 yuan/ton, Korea 3224 at 8900 yuan/ton, 7000F at 8550 yuan/ton, 8050 Formosa Plastics at 8700 yuan/ton and 65050 at 8550 yuan/ton

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