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Wardrobe maintenance knowledge is what every consumer who owns a wardrobe should master. Comfortable living brings you a universal medicine box for wardrobe injury, so that your wardrobe can be permanently renewed

when we usually use the wardrobe, we often "hurt" the wardrobe because we don't pay much attention to it, especially in some corner positions, which are the "hardest hit areas" where the wardrobe is "injured". Women are born to love beauty, and their pursuit of beauty is unremitting. Wardrobes also pursue beauty. Their pursuit of beauty requires maintenance from the beginning, because wardrobes will be more or less damaged to varying degrees in the process of people's daily use. We need to maintain and repair them in time

next, comfortable living will briefly introduce the treatment methods of several Wardrobe "injured":/p> 1. Burn marks: some wardrobe will leave scorch marks on the paint or the paint will burn. You can wrap a layer of fine grained hard cloth on a cotton swab or toothpick, gently wipe away the burn marks, and then evenly apply a layer of nail polish or the same color paint

2. Scalding marks: white scalding marks or other scalding marks are inadvertently left on the paint surface of many wardrobes. You can slowly wipe them with a cloth stained with alcohol, toilet water, kerosene or strong tea, or you can smear them with a mixture of cigarette ash, lemon juice or salad oil, wipe them dry and wax them, so that the scalding marks can be reduced or really disappear

3. Scratch: if the paint surface of the sliding door of the wardrobe is scratched or scratched, if it does not touch the substrate under the paint, you can apply a layer of crayon or paint of the same color as the furniture on the surface to cover the exposed ground color, and then apply a layer of transparent nail polish or paint of the same color

4. Edge skipping: edge skipping occurs in the corners of many wardrobes. Generally, a layer of repair wax can also be coated on the surface, and then evenly coated with a layer of paint of the same color after drying! Remember to make up if you want to appear, because the culprit of the damp expansion of the panel wardrobe is that the substrate is exposed in the air

5. Water marks: during the wiping process, there are inevitably water drops on the surface, and there are water drops on the surface of the wardrobe, and some wardrobe materials will leave water stains! However, it's easy to solve this problem. You can cover the mark with a slightly moist cloth, and then gently press it with an electric console for several times to eliminate the water mark. You can also apply it with salad oil and toothpaste, wipe it dry, and wax it

the wardrobe is closely related to our life, so we should cherish it and maintain it often. In addition to "trauma", the wardrobe should also be protected from "internal injury". The wardrobe should be moisture-proof. When the air is dry, open the wardrobe more and let it ventilated, or use dehumidifiers regularly. When the room air or the weather is too wet, place a small bag of "dry lime" or other desiccants in the corner of the wardrobe to prevent the cabinet and door panel from mildew and deformation, and at the same time, avoid the cabinet and clothing from being affected by damp and mildew. Other maintenance also needs to change with different areas, different materials and different living environments. Double protect the wardrobe

comfortable living gives you a "universal medicine box" to deal with wardrobe injuries, so that you will no longer worry about wardrobe injuries, and have a good wardrobe that will last forever! Serch has been leading China's overall wardrobe industry in a healthy direction with the industry-leading development speed




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