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The high-end door and window market has entered a period of major reshuffle, and high-end door and window merchants are tightening their finances. In this market environment, the new deal of the real estate market will be introduced again, and the second set of housing policy will reduce the mortgage interest rate, which may stimulate the development of the high-end door and window industry to a certain extent. The market may pick up, which makes the indecisive high-end door and window agents seem to see the dawn of hope again. However, no matter how the high-end door and window market develops, high-end door and window agents need to have a precise vision, choose the right brand and get a good future. How to choose depends on the market analysis of anberui high-end door and window series

at present, there are more than 5000 domestic high-end door and window agent production enterprises of different scales, which can be roughly divided into three categories:

first category: big brands. There are several such brands nationwide. They invest more in advertising and enjoy high popularity. Follow the business model of large investment, strict requirements, high pressure and large return. Such a high-end door and window agent brand has a very large initial capital investment, strict store decoration requirements, the first batch of delivery, expensive brand deposit, required team size, etc. Moreover, we have to sign a huge amount of sales tasks, and if we fail to complete them, we will be severely punished, or even not return the deposit

the second category: explosive brands. Such high-end door and window agent brands are potential stocks. It has a large scale, good ideas, great products and excellent teams, and is in the initial stage of rapid development. Such brands have developed a little later than big brands, and the national layout should also start later. Such brands have moderate requirements

the third category: small brands and miscellaneous brands. There are many such brands, accounting for more than 95%. Most of them are small-scale enterprises with extensive production

they also want to improve their image, but due to the restrictions of pattern, capital and experience, they can only survive at the bottom of the industry. Therefore, they will ignore industry norms, disrupt industry prices, product levels are chaotic, and plagiarism is prevalent. They often have nothing except names and prices

as the saying goes, choice is more important than effort! Therefore, the most important thing is to choose a high-end door and window agent brand that is most suitable for your own situation

analysis of high-end door and window agents:

1. If you have tens of millions of funds, a team of dozens of people, and a store of thousands of square meters, you can choose a big brand. Once the operation is successful, it is a high return. Once the operation fails, it is a high risk. The current situation is that there is no blank area for such brands in provincial capitals, prefecture level cities, county-level cities and counties

2. If you can't meet the above requirements in terms of capital, team, store and anti risk ability, but you have good ideas, great passion and strong desire for success. The best choice is anberui high-end doors and windows, such a brand with great potential. Such brands are efficient, fast-growing and explosive. They can also give you a broad market area and a large choice

3. If you are only satisfied with the status quo, it is enough to make tens of thousands of dollars a year in a comfortable and easy way. In this state of mind, you'd better choose the third category as a miscellaneous brand, without quality assurance, don't ask for decoration stores, or even free samples. This kind of miscellaneous brand without after-sales service and reputation is doomed to not last long

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